Monday, January 08, 2007

A Working Day Off

I am a bit confused today. I've been trying to get things ready
for a substitute at school tomorrow. I thought I had it all ready,
but then my 1st hour DoNots actually needed my help with
some algebra and some paragraph writing, so I did not get
to use that extra time that I had budgeted. That's how it always
goes. NOBODY has any work they need to do on Mondays...
unless I have planned to use that extra time for my benefit.

The rest of the day I don't get a chance to do anything, since
all the rest of my classes are 9th grade or lower, and very
high-maintenance. Even if we complete the lesson early, they
must be baby-sat within an inch of their lives. I don't really
expect the sub to do what I have planned. Only one of them
has ever followed the plans. I'm just hoping I don't get one
that tells the 7th graders dirty jokes again, or takes them
outside for a walk around the building, or rearranges my
classroom. That would make me roll my eyes and sigh.
A lot.

My day will be off-kilter because I must start at Basementia.
That throws off the dropping-off of the Hillbilly young'uns,
and messes with my internal clock. I am accustomed to
starting the day in the light, and going underground at 11:00.
Now I will spend the entire day underground.

I am supposed to do my homework tonight so I will be
prepared to bring some websites and activities to the meeting
to share with the others. HELLO! Y'all
preps and have been doing this for years. I have SIX preps
and have been doing this job for 4 months. Let's see...who's
gonna be teaching who? And I suspect that somewhere in
there should be a 'whom', but hey, I am just trying to keep
my head above water here. The mathies are going to a
different meeting in a neighboring town. At least I get to
stay in Basementia Sweet Basementia.

Oh, bonus! Tomorrow is my bus duty day, and the sub will
have to do it. Well, is supposed to do it. I will probably have
to do it anyway. If I don't have to, that will mean I have not
done the bus duty since Dec. 19! That must be some kind
of a record.

Let's see...there will be six subs in the building tomorrow
just for the mathies and langies. Heaven help us if someone
else calls in sick. Perhaps I have mentioned that parking is
somewhat limited at Basementia. That means six extra cars.
I have a feeling I'll be out on the back forty, the gravel lot.
Because if I drop off the little shaver at his building across
town, I won't get back there until 7:45. And the staff at
Basementia arrives early, because they have to start dealing
with the students at 8:00. I'd better take my coat. One of
these days it's actually going to feel like winter.

Nyah, nyah. I'm gettin' a paid day off from my DoNots
tomorrow to sit on my big fat butt and listen to new ideas
on how to teach them. And eat some Subway for lunch.

Too bad that it's more work for me NOT to be in the
classroom than it is to actually do my job. Can I get a
'Heck, yeah!' from those of the teaching persuasion?

Because you know we're not allowed to swear, by cracky!


deadpanann said...

I subbed today. I always follow the plan, or try. Sometimes stubborn donots can throw it off a bit if they're determined enough to take full advantage of having a sub, but I give them a good run for their money.

Hey, if going underground in the morning really does mess with your internal clock, you should try one of those high-watt therapy lights. I use one when I have to get up absurdly early, esp. in the winter, and it makes a HUGE difference. It works better than coffee to wake me up, and keeps me from getting off my day/night schedule. It's the best $50 I ever spent. You don't stare into it or anything, you just have to have it on in the same room with yourself. In other words you could take it to Basementia and not feel like a zombie all day.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Miss Ann,
My mom got one of those lights for Christmas. She HAS seemed to be in a better mood lately.

Those kids figure a sub has no power, and maybe they won't ever have the same sub again, so they go for broke. We had 14 subs today, just for two of our three buildings. I didn't even know we had that many on the list. I hope those mathies got as much out of their facilitator as we did. Ours was actually worth having a sub. I couldn't be a sub. I need structure.