Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"ideas that have not been used yet for a sitcom"

Yeah. Can you believe it? Somebody wants to find out new and
different ideas for sitcoms from MY blog! I'm sure if it was so
easy to google that and find 'new' ideas, they wouldn't be new
for very long. But I have some ideas that will curl their hair! All
from people seaching my blog! Go figure.

Now, here you have them:


Ideas That Have Not Been Used Yet For A Sitcom

teepeeing with spoons: Follow the wacky hijinks of a gaggle of
high school misfits as they traipse about the neighborhood,
teepeeing with spoons. Laugh as they get conked on their
pointy little heads every time they throw a spoon up into a
tree. Cry as they walk home, dejected, unable to figure out
what went wrong with their little vandalism plan.

pull his balls: This project was actually in development, but
hit a roadblock when no actor could be persuaded to audition
for the lead role. It is being reworked as a reality show.

prairie farms french onion dip purchasing: The thrills! The spills!
Hidden cameras catch unsuspecting rednecks buying oodles
of Prairie Farms French Onion Dip for their BBQs and parties.
Catch the double-dippers who have no idea they are being
outed by the Dip Cam. Get into the thick of it as the Dip Cam
becomes the first casualty of the Dip Diving Belly Flop contest.
Sponsored by Prairie Farms Dairy.

big thick turds: This project has been shelved, due to limited
audience appeal.

hillbilly carp tournament: Ripped from the annals of The RFD
Channel, this updated look at tournment fishing with hillbillies
is closing the gap on paint-drying as America's favorite
spectator sport. Watch as hillbillies dump cans of corn into
the lake to tempt the elusive carp into their fishing zones.
Watch the hillbillies say, "What the heck..." and toss the
cans in, too. Watch the Native American shed a single tear.
While the culturally ignorant hillbillies chant "Ching chong,
ching chong." Endorsed by Rosie O'Donnell, but not
necessarily The View.

beagle welfare office of missouri: In the tradition of Dinosaurs
and Father of the Pride, we bring you Beagle Welfare Office
of Missouri. Watch unwed Mama Beagle try to get benefits
for her whining whelps. Watch her puppy daddy bawl at her
for being a b*tch with less sex appeal than a hairy hillbilly leg.
All the drama of My Name is Earl, but without the laughs.

history of caesar countertops: Somebody needs to look up
the true meaning of 'sitcom'. Take this one back to the drawing
board, or shop it around to the History Channel or National

skateboarding spawn ranch: Little bittly future skateboarders
are kept in big pools, practicing their up-the-side-of-the-pool-
turn-around-and-go-down thingies. Watch tourists put quarters
in machines to buy candy to toss to the spawn. Watch them
rush to the candy in a feeding frenzy. See which ones get their
tails chewed off in a survival-of-the-fittest-in-real-life moment.

vomit bowl nursing care: Doctor shows, schmoctor shows!
Let the nurses of Vomit Bowl Nursing Care show you the
funny. These angels of mercy dish it up and serve it hot.
When the doctor ain't in, the Florence Nightingales are at
it again. Tune in to see our Cazzie's name as Technical

roadkill picker-upper: Because somebody's gotta do it. See
Cletus strap on his bright orange vest every morning and
head down to I-44 to see what the Daily Special is going
to be. Oh, his wife, Maybelline, just happens to be head
cook at the Throwed-Skillet Restaurant. This one practically
writes itself.

hillbilly & sheep: Will & Grace. Dharma & Greg. Ned & Stacey.
Mork & Mindy. Starsky & Hutch. McMillan & Wife. Now,
TV's newest couple rears their ugly heads. Meet Hillbilly &
Sheep, the cutest couple since Peg & Al Bundy. Hillbilly is a bit
of a Jethro, and was in deep depression after his girlfriend left
him for Richard Simmons. Enter Sheep, a stunning ovine with
a heart of gold and the gift of gab. Watch Hillbilly get into one
scrape after another, only to be bailed out by Sheep, who
mutters his catch phrase at least once per episode:
"You're so baaad!"

dancing poop: OOPS! This one's already been done, hasn't it,


That should tide you over until the mid-season replacements
peter out. Enjoy.

Good night, and good views.


Imma ( Alice) said...

re: hillbilly & sheep... does Hillbilly have rubber boots and velcro mittens?

oooppps... Now I'm being baaaad.

Stewed Hamm said...

Feh. Hardcastle & McCormick was better than any of those shows. So was BJ & The Bear, for that matter.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Hmm...I seem to recall a joke about such an incident.

"You are berry berry baaad blogger, Im/Al," to twist a quote from Babu to Jerry Seinfeld. And I'm waggling my finger back and forth at you, too.

I didn't say my examples were GOOD TV. Only that my show could compare to them.

I left out many: Pinky and The Brain, Josh and Drake, Pete and Pete, Sanford and Son, Cagney and Lacy, Kate and Allie. Yes, a show starring Susan St. James has now made the list twice. And where is she now? Did they run out of ANDs?