Sunday, January 21, 2007

It Was Not To Be


I know you are as disappointed as I was. #1 son and I got there
and paid our money and picked out tables and took sips or our

I suppose it was because of the sleet that started falling the
minute we got into Trivia town. I even parked in front of the
school. That is something I never do. I practically have my
own private entrance at the back door. Anyhoo, as I stepped
out of the Large SUV, my foot slip-slided away from me.
I was not injured, but it made me think that the whole
Triviafest might be cancelled. I even left my Sonic Cherry
Diet Coke in the LSUV. When the bandies took my money,
I figured IT WAS ONNN. Which is what I told my main
competitors when they came barging in. One asked me if
I was ready to get spanked. "Of course. It's Saturday night,
isn't it?" Oh. I think she meant something else.

I sent my boy to the LSUV for my SCDC. Get it? Got it?
Good. I taunted the other teacher team with my handy-
dandy answer-recording sheet, to make sure the volunteers
graded the answers correctly. I gave them one last time.
This time I told them I regretted that I had only brought one
for my team and my boy's team. They were not buyin' it.
One snatched the boy's copy from my hand and said, "I'll
go make us a copy." "OK," I told her. "If you know how
to work that thing." Heh heh. She is a technology teacher.

Next, I taunted them with my Chex Mix. I think that started
to weaken them a bit. Then my aunt arrived and sang the
praises of the Chex Mix. She knew she was getting some,
because she is on the boy's team. We discussed my mom's
BIG FAT PINKY FINGER, which a specialist says needs
to be removed. She is getting a third opinion this week.

Only two others from my team arrived. They reported that
Mabel was suspiciously absent from church that evening.
Then they told me the whole thing was called off, because
the bandies wouldn't take their money. We are rescheduling
for next Saturday. I left our roster and my money marked
'PAID'. It's a fundraiser, you know. For the band. We'll
see what develops Saturday, when the weather again calls
for rain changing to snow.

Mabel, I have good news and bad news and good news.
Most importantly, the Chex Mix is still intact. I paid the entry
money for Boyfriend and Girlfriend, and let the bandies keep
it until Saturday. I will contribute half of that slush fund when
I see you at school tomorrow.

That's all I've got. My battery is running low, what with only
3 hours sleep last night. We've got the Basementia faculty
meeting tomorrow. And the students will be all mad that their
promised 4 inches of snow did not arrive. It will be a long day.


Imma ( Alice) said...

Well, that's a downer that the Trivia Night was canceled. But it sounds like you had a good evening anyway. Somehow I think you must have fun most everywhere you go.

deadpanann said...

Cancelled due to the weather? HA! Sounds to me like someone got skeered!!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

It has been rescheduled for Feb. 3.
Yes, I have fun most everywhere. I am a regular traveling party, I am!

Miss Ann,
I was not a-skeered! I drive a gigantic SUV. If my 4WD doesn't work, and I crash into someone, about the only thing that's going to come out of it better than me is the Hummer that one of the Basementia teachers drives.

deadpanann said...

HB Mom- I meant THEM!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Miss Ann,
I know. I was just funnin' with you...because it must be ALL ABOUT ME.

Imma ( Alice) said...

So, HB Mom... what kinda LSUV is this that you drive? I drive a Ford Ranger 4x4 pickup truck. Not all that big but I love it.

Hillbilly Mom said...

We have a big ol' GMC Yukon. It's our third one. The transmission went out on the last one, and we had to push it out of the garage to drive it to the dealer and trade it in.