Monday, January 15, 2007

Who Needs Ambien When You've Got HM?

Back to school tomorrow. We got no ice. Just a little on some
treetops in town, nothing to drag out the generator about.
Which sorely disappointed HH and the #1 son.

Four day week, board meeting Thursday night, busy busy busy
with MAP cramming. This week will move quickly. Oh, and the
sophomores go to the votech school on a tour one morning,
so I will get about 30 EXTRA MINUTES to work without
interruption. It doesn't take much to excite Mrs. Hillbilly Mom.

Which would I rather have...President's Day off, or a snow
day before then? Decisions, decisions. I think I'd rather have
the planned three-day weekend, but those surprising little
snow days are fun, too. It's not like I have any say in the
matter. Whatever happens, I'll roll with it. President's Day
is a loooong five weeks away.

If I get any more boring, I'll put myself to sleep. Nobody
has been pissing me off. Nobody has been telling me I'm
OH SO PRETTY. HH has not done anything stupid. The
kids have not been splitting each others' heads open. The
only item of interest is the FAT RED PINKY FINGER
possessed by my Hillbilly Mama. She goes back to the
orthopedist tomorrow to see if he is going to drain it.
Don't you wish I'd just kept on being boring?

In other news...those kidnapped boys from some nearby
counties were found. A man drowned in his Cadillac within
about 5 miles of the Mansion. A lot of people lost electricity
again. That Ameren spokeswoman is looking not-so-pretty
these days. Like all this speaking of excuses for the company
is wearing her down.

Oh, OH! I almost forgot! Trivia Night is Saturday! We have
six on our team, so we'd better get to lookin' for someone
with sports knowledge and history knowledge to replace
Mr. S. Mabel has a prospect. I have the Chex Mix. Not
that those two have anything to do with each other. Just
sayin'...I tried to lure a Mathie away from her other team,
but she was having none of that. "But they'll get mad at me."
Yeah. And next time they won't ask you, and we'll snatch
you up for our team. #1 son's team lost a member to another
team. He doesn't mind very much. "Mom. She asked the
teacher why we were off today for "Milk Day." I believe
that might have something to do with his lack of concern.

Now I have something to look forward to.


Redneck Diva said...

Lucky! No ice for you? Would you like for me to share? After all, you did call me considerate yesterday.

So, at the risk of divulging your Blogger Protection Program location, is it okay if I ask - aren't you pretty close to the KC area? Because if you are and you say you have no ice, then I am a happy woman indeed. Email me if you have news, would ya? Then I could call you considerate, too!

Imma ( Alice) said...

Hi... I came to your blog a few days ago, by way of the yellow brick road. Yup, just followed a link and here I am! I've taken some time to sit back and "get to know you" a bit (catching up on some back posts). I like it here... lots of good laughs. I'll be back often.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Nope. No ice this time. No thank you on the sharing offer.

You are out of luck with me and KC knowledge. You must practice your "Where in the world is Hillbilly Mom?" skills. Perhaps I WILL update you on where I'm located in the Blogger Protection Program. Because I'm that kind of gal...and you seem to use your mighty blog powers for good instead of evil, so I don't think you would let it slip so that Fitty could find me and put me in his 55-gallon barrels.

Immoralice (That doesn't work out too well, combining your names. I'll try to think of something better next time.)

Welcome to the Mansion. You are WAY out there from my secret location.

Glad you like the place. I haven't been very interesting of late, so good thing you looked into my past. I'll probably be snooping around your place, too, now that you're "All in one."