Saturday, January 20, 2007

Trivia Pursuits

I will be leaving soon to go to Trivia night at our school. We
are having a bit of trouble with our team. Mr. H and I are the
controlling members. Mabel and her husband are supposed
to play again, but their son will be absent. Mr. S has been
away for four days at the Texas School Book Depository.
That's his story, but perhaps he shouldn't be stickin' to it.
Seriously, he and some other faculty went to some kind of
training in Texas, and his goal was to find a ride to the
Depository. He's not that twisted...he's a History teacher.
Let's see...that puts us at four people, plus we have one
of the paraprofessionals and her husband, which is a good
thing, because that man is as smart as me. Not that I'm
bragging or anything, but I know my way around a Trivia
contest, even though I did cost us two crucial points last
time. Somebody else is going to be the answer-writer this
time, by cracky!

This is where the problem occurs. We have six people. So
we all asked around, and were refused, because like I told
you last time, we're not the pretty, popular crowd. Mabel
took it upon herself to ask a former student and his girlfriend,
a current student in Mabel's class. That was fine by me.
Since we hadn't heard from Mr. H, we figured we could
at least get a sports expert with Boyfriend. Unbeknownst
to us, Mr. H asked the mother of Boyfriend, who is a fellow
faculty member, and who said 'yes' to help out Mr. H.
When Girlfriend returned to school the next day and
accepted the offer, that put us at nine. A team is limited to
eight members.

We have several options. Mabel and her husband may not
show up. That is because he may have to return to his place
of employment before the big snowstorm hits tonight, and
Mabel will not drive in snow. Make that 'Mabel will not
drive in the forecast of snow', because whenever it's on
the news that some frigid precipitation is coming down the
pike, Mabel even rides the school bus to school. Bet you
didn't know that teachers get that privilege, did you? Riding
the school bus free of charge. This job is just full of perks.

I'm a-hopin' Mabel shows, but I will understand if she doesn't.
Which would put our team down to seven. Another option is
to siphon off a member to #1 son's team of 6th graders. My
aunt joined them last Triva match, and they accepted her.
She and Mabel's husband get on quite well. They go waayyy
back, to the days she used to bring him donuts from one of
her gallivanting absences during part of the school day. But...
#1 son says he wants no more adults on his team. He did say
he would take Boyfriend, who is the older brother of one of
his teammates. Of course he would. Boyfriend knows sports.
I told him Boyfriend and Girlfriend come as a pair, and can
not be separated. He said he would also take Extra Faculty
Member, but let's not forget that she's the mother of the 6th
grade crony. I don't think the little crony would be likin' that
one little bit.

The sponsor of the Trivia night says he can use extra people
on his team, too. So we'll see what develops. I think we will
be fine. It's not like the prize is $205 million or anything.

And Mabel, in case you didn't make it, because the school bus
don't run on Saturday nights, and you're sittin' home reading
this while we're giving wrong answers willy-nilly till the cows
come home...I took the last remaining Chex Mix to share with
our team. Just sayin'...

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