Sunday, January 07, 2007

What'd You Expect? It Ain't February Sweeps Yet.

The boys have been playing the Wii a lot this week. All three
of them. #1 son was upset because his Wii Fitness Age was 76.
#2 son's was 74, and HH's was 49. Heh heh. They have been
practicing to become younger.

We have been letting Tank out of his pen a couple of hours
each day. He disappears sometimes, but we always find him
again. He does not seem to be getting any bigger. He's still a
baby, though. He probably won't even get as big as Grizzly.
Big ol' Ann is looking more Shepherd-like every day. Her
back legs are now turning a tan color, and that lazy ear of
hers stands up most of the time. She romps around with Tank,
forgetting how gigantic she is, and sends him reeling with one
swat of a humongous paw. His yelping scares her, so she
jumps off the porch. I'll post some more pictures of the little
Beagle, Tank, when #1 son takes some more. I know you
can't wait for such a fascinating post.

Looks like we're not getting any snow this week. That means
3-DAY WEEKEND coming up. If we miss a day before
MLK day, we have to make it up on that day. It's been
years since we actually got that holiday. Same with Presidents'
Day. #2 boy and I have our birthdays coming up in February.
The year is flying by.

There's a Triva Contest coming up on Jan. 20. Mabel had
better get to studyin', is all I got to say. MABEL!

My right ear is trying to get infected or something. It kind of
hurts inside, and my neck balls are swollen. That's what an
old friend of mine used to call those things under your chin,
right where it turns into your neck. I suppose they are lymph
nodes. You know, the things that swell up when you have a
cold. The right one hurts when I push on it. OK, I hear you:
"So quit pushing on it!"

I've got to go make a meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes, and
7-layer salad for supper. All right...the 7-layer salad I bought
at The Devil's Playground. But I'm making the rest. Then I
plan to get some school typing done so I can watch my
Sunday night TV. Namely, the new season of The Apprentice.
I don't watch it for Donald. I watch it for those spoiled idiots
who think the world owes them something.

There. You've had a sports report, the status of HM's health,
the weather forecast, the January calendar, the pet corner,
and tonight's entertainment report. You're all set.

Good night, and good news.

(Is anyone old enough to remember what fictional character
used that sign-off? No fair googling, either!)


Cazzie!!! said...

Love trivia, have fun studying for it :)

LanternLight said...

Early post, did you cut school early?

Wii Fitness Age

And yours is???

Is anyone old enough to remember what fictional character used that sign-off?

Yes, we got re-runs...

My favorite signoff was:
Goodnight, and may your God go with you.

Betty said...

Ted Baxter - WKRP in Cincinnatti. Where's my prize?

deadpanann said...

Y'all have to go on MLK day when you need a makeup? There would be a riot if they did that in Mississippi. The black people would claim they're being denied the right to celebrate their freedom or something, and the white people would say you're disrespecting Robert E. Lee.

The south. Makes yer head hurt sometimes, doesn't it?

Betty said...

Oops! Sorry! I meant Ted Baxter on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Ooooooh, Mr. Graaaaaant!

Hillbilly Mom said...

I'm just naturally trivial. I don't really study. That's my tactic to strike fear into the competition, telling them I've been studying for months.

No cuts. When you read this on Monday, it was actually Sunday for me when I posted it. I have not yet Wiid. I'd rather watch HH boxing against an 8-year-old, screaming, "Now I've got you! I'm gonna knock you OUT!"

I was not familiar with the 'Irish Lenny Bruce', but thank the Gummi Mary there's this newfangled thingy called GOOGLE.

The prize...umm...perhaps you haven't been around the Mansion long enough to notice that I never give a prize. All you get is the glory, baby!

Miss Ann,
Of the few times we WERE actually off that day, the kids asked, "Why are WE off?" That should tell you how lily-white our district is. And how unicultural we used to be. Now they get it. Most things make my head hurt. I would blow my top if I didn't make sure to let out a long sigh about once and hour, while rolling my eyes.

Once you said 'Ted Baxter', I knew what you meant.

You know,'ve got spunk.

I HATE spunk!