Thursday, March 22, 2007

Steven Is A B*tch

Ahh...the plague of being Even Steven. As I gloated
yesterday, I received a magnificent Christmas-in-March
gift of 4 DoNots Sentenced (to ISS). Now, my flaunting
ways have come back to haunt me.

This morning I was chatting away with a DoNot, and it
hit me. Not the DoNot, though that has happened one
time, which I don't like to remember, and was well on the
way to forgetting, since I don't have that kid, "Mum"
anymore, but I just had to make this stupid joke, and
that's what I get for trying to be all funny and stuff. No.
The DoNot didn't hit me, the following thought did, so
I said it right out loud. "Aren't you supposed to be in ISS
today?" Imagine my HORROR when he said, "No. ISS
was overbooked. Most of us don't have it until Monday."
Oh, the humanity! I was counting on some peace. But NO.
I have been Stevened. On Monday, the other ISSer from
my class will be returning to the general population. There
is no peace in DoNotVille. The mighty DoNot is let out.

But on to more interesting topics, such as ME. Or my
son, actually. He missed school today to attend the big
Science Fair at a community college. He was quite excited
to be going. We're not like some schools, who send a
buttload--I mean busload of entrants. He and his little
partner were the only ones chosen to represent our
Middle School.
I'm not saying the partner didn't do any work. He would
have done anything he was asked, but my son is the kind
who must do things himself. I don't know why he wanted
a partner, but it was his choice to go it alone or as a team.
So he had somewhat of a silent partner, who aided in the
actual experiment, and building the apparatus, but was not
in on the writing of the specs, the graphs, the results, the
recommendations, etc. Oh, he knew about them, but my
boy and his trusty Lappy did all the writing here at the
Mansion. Yes. My son has named his laptop. And was
excited over the Science Fair. The nerd doesn't fall far
from the tree.

I called at lunch time to check on him, and he said, "Mom,
we won FIRST PLACE in the 6th grade physics division!
We are being re-judged now for Overall Winner and the
judges are coming. I gotta go!" I'm OH SO PROUD of
him. It's his first time entering the Science Fair. He and his
partner will be splitting the $50 prize. Maybe that'll learn
'im to do a project by himself next year! They did not win
the Overall Winner thingy. That's OK. I told him this
morning not to get his hopes up, because this was his first
project, and they only give a 1st and 2nd place. Now I
won't hear the end of it. The principal wants them to
present their project at the next school board meeting.
He's going to have his picture in the paper. He might be
mentioned in the announcements tomorrow. All the glory
a 6th grader yearns for.

He's fired up for the Math Contest on Saturday.
I hope he doesn't get Stevened.


Betty said...

Congratulations to your young scientist. I'm surprised he wasn't booked on the Today Show or Larry King. Maybe next time.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Can you believe it? Meredith and Larry didn't want my young prodigy on their shows? Wait until they need an artificial hip, and he snubs them with the new miracle hip replacement thingy he's going to invent.

Redneck. Diva. said...

WAHOO!! That's awesome! Nothing cute and clever to say (because I'm all about cute and clever) other than - Congrats to your boy! And you. Because you birthed him.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yep. But he was shut out in the Math Contest this year. Not even an Honorable Mention. Doggone that STEVEN and his even-ness!