Saturday, March 31, 2007


Here is the better side of my better half.

HH's new project is a cabin down by the creek, on the
new 10 acres we bought from the LandStealer last

The building material consists of pallet lumber. He gets it
from his job. His company buys big rolls of steel, and
machines and thingies to cut it into little pieces of steel
to make saw blades and thingies that butchers use. Or
something like that. The pallet lumber used to be free,
because it saved the company from paying to have it
hauled off. Now I think the employees have to bid on
it, because boo hoo, somebody was afraid they weren't
getting their fair share of pallet lumber. Anyhoo, we
already have an A-frame cabin by the creek behind
the Mansion, and a tool/work shed between the
Mansion and the barn, and a giant L-shaped work
bench in the barn made from pallet lumber. I'm sure
HH has done it to recycle the wood. He's sooo green.

As you can see, the new Mini-Mansion is air-conditioned.
Watch out for that first step.

The Veteran is in town this weekend. I hope he didn't
plan to spend the night in the Mini-Mansion.

Looks like a few more steel shipments are in order before
this abode is finished. I haven't asked, but it looks like
the Mini-Mansion is built on skids. HH likes to think he
can take his Mini-Mansion with him wherever he goes.
It also looks like he's planning a front porch.

I hope HH has built it far enough away from the creek.
It's spring shower season, you know.

A Mini-Mansion is a terrible thing to waste.


DeadpanAnn said...

I wish my husband could build me a mini mansion. Then again, I'd settle if he could fix the leaky faucet in the kitchen.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Miss Ann,
Go figure! My husband built me the LEAKY FAUCET IN THE KITCHEN!

It's one of those one-piece thingies that you push one way for cold, and the other way for hot. Now in most places, you push to the right for cold, and to the left for hot. But ours is backwards. So is our shower water thingy. You might think we are consistently backwards throughout the house. Oh, no. A guest has to guess which way each faucet is going to work.

Getting back to the kitchen faucet...when you turn it on full blast, like to fill up the sink for the dishwasher, moi, to wash the dishes, it leaks out of the round thing that the lever spins on. (Preposition-ending sentence #3527).

This is the Mansion HH Built. Plumbing and light switch plates are not his strong point. But the rest of it is holding together pretty well.

Redneck. Diva. said...

You are the luckiest girl in the WORLD, what with the mini-mansions and ice babies and imaginary Mabels....gosh I wish I was you!

(Just had to get in another Mabel comment. Because you're not here to smack me in person.)

Okay, is the floor always going to be that corrugatedy stuff? I'd break an ankle for dang sure if I had to walk on that stuff! Surely he'll put down a Parkay floor or something, right? Wait, Parkay gets awful slippery in the summer...

DeadpanAnn said...

We have one of those one-piece thingies too! You have to push it all the way to the left on full blast for it to give you any hot water at all. It also leaks around the round thing, and it drips. Constantly. There used to be one exact spot where if I put the one-piece thing, it wouldn't leak. Now it leaks all the time.

As long as the roof isn't what's leaking I won't complain too loudly.

LanternLight said...

it leaks out of the round thing that the lever spins on. Preposition-ending sentence #3527).

We had that problem. You need a special tool to tighten the washer. In the case of our place, as it was a cheap ass faucet, we replaced it with a new one.

Speaking of asses, thanks for not sharing the "plumber's crack" photo :-)

Is the mini-mansion going to be a nursery?

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yes, I count my blessings every day, in a bit of an undiagnosed OCD way. You and Lantern are in cahoots about that Mabel business, aren't y'all?

I don't know about the floor. HH will probably get some plywood or particle board to put down, and then tile it with leftover peel-and-stick tile squares or something. You never know what he's going to come up with.

Parkay? BUTTER! Parkay? BUTTER! Yes, indeed, the Parkay would be slippery in the summer. (Am I the only one old enough to remember those Parkay commercials?)

Miss Ann,
At least yours has the hot water in the correct direction.

It could be cheap. Some things HH went all-out with, others he skimped. We had to replace many a T-joint thingy on the water pipes when they sprouted leaks. Then HH got the brass ones to replace them, and we've had nary a problem since.

Don't look too closely or you'll be blinded. Methinks there's a hint of the crack, by cracky, if you look too closely.

The mini-mansion could be a nursery for the Ice Baby in the wintertime. To read more about the Ice Baby, check out Diva's writing competition on Friday:

There's still time to enter, you know.

The dining room of the Mansion was turned into a nursery as HH was building it. Our surprise #2 son was brought to our attention at the time HH was framing out the kitchen and dining room. That's why we have a third bedroom and no dining room at the Mansion.