Thursday, March 08, 2007

Challenge Time

I am in a hurry tonight. So I will give you a little challenge.
We'll get to that in a minute. First, to add a bit of padding to
the ol' Mansion, I'll give a shout-out to our best substitute.

He will teach the lessons you leave. He will grade papers, even
if you don't ask, as long as you leave an answer key. He expects
the kids to behave, and be respectful. He gets along with all the
teachers. He doesn't steal your pens, or rearrange your furniture,
or take the kids outside for a walk, or leave the class unattended
to go have a smoke on the parking lot or read magazines in the
library. He knows where the teachers park, and never takes a
space away, even if he gets there first. You know who I'm talkin'
about, Mabel. I bet he wouldn't even walk on your stepping stones.
Oh...if the maintenance woman hadn't taken them, and they were
still outside your window. HooRah, Mr. Substitute Man. You rock.

And now, I present the knowledge you've been thirsting fact,
yearning for. Or at least, the challenge I promised. It is from 6th
grade math. Just when you were thinking you are as smart as a
5th grader, I have to challenge you. Good luck.

What fraction is equivalent to 3/4, with the sum of the numerator
and denominator being 84?

Let's see how smart you really are, by cracky!


Betty said...

OK. Is it 36/48 ?

If it's correct, I figured it out my own self. If it's wrong, my son did it.

Hillbilly Mom said...

At the risk of spoiling it for ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE who will read this, you are correct. You are smarter than a 6th grader. Congratulations.

DeadpanAnn said...

I knew both numbers were multiples of twelve, but lacked the patience to think any further. Does that count for anything? ANYTHING?

Hillbilly Mom said...

Miss Ann,
Because you know what a multiple is, and applied that knowledge somewhat, and also at one time thought of being a math teacher...I will grant you membership in my circle of not-popular teachers who are nerdishly cool. Our secret society meets on Trivia Nights, and speaks in code that only WE know about. Hint: propositions.

Stewed Hamm said...

Is that propositions, or prepositions? Because if it's the former, there's a lot more kinky teachers out there than society may be able to handle...

Hillbilly Mom said...

Heh, heh. I actually meant prEpositions. Though I have had my share of teacher propositions, and refuse to tell you the ratio of accepted to rejected. Perhaps this was a Freudian slip. Perhaps it was the sweet, sweet Histinex a-talkin'.

If I could only shroud myself in a cloak of complete anonymity, I could write a kinky teacher expose of epic proportions. I've got one from every district I've ever taught in.

There. Now I've gone full circle with my preposition thingy.