Sunday, September 10, 2006

School Pool Thief Filet

Tomorrow starts a busy week for me. There are faculty meetings in
both buildings, but my presence (and that of the other travelers) has
been requested in the building that will meet until 4:30 minimum. It
doesn't matter anyway, because I stay until 4:00 every day. Thirty
minutes won't make that much difference. The boys can have snacks
and play games on my computers.

Tuesday, I have after-school duty and ticket-selling volleyball game
duty. The times overlap, so I will be doing my hall duty while sitting
in the hall selling tickets. Some of those kids think they are OH SO
CRAFTY and sit in the gym with the late bus riders, then try to stay
without paying. The principal runs them out, though. I guess they
think it's worth a try to save $.50.

HH drained a little water out of the pool today, and put a floatie thing
in the middle. It's good for the winter, I suppose. Yesterday evening
we caught our long-haired, mostly-white calico cat swimming in it.
I don't think it was on purpose. HH said he walked out on the back
porch and heard a commotion, and saw her climbing out onto the
deck. Her head wasn't wet, but the back half of her looked like a
wet rat. Judging from the trail of water, she had been walking around
the edge of the pool, and came to the part where the fence comes
over the edge a bit. She must have fallen in with her back legs, and
clawed her way up onto the deck. She was kind of pitiful, with that
look of "Why are you staring at ME?"

At bowling yesterday, HH donated $12.75 because he couldn't
count the money from 4 parents. That's how many kids are in the
group he coaches, besides #2 son. Of course he blamed it on me,
saying I talked and he couldn't concentrate. All I said was, "They
told me it was $12.75 for registration" when a woman shoved only
the $6.00 weekly bowling fee at HH with her registration card.
Of course he told her that was fine. It's his own fault he didn't
confront her. She probably didn't know. I was only trying to help.

#1 son carried his stuff out after bowling, and asked if I had seen
his GameBoy. That's a GameBoy DS, folks, that cost $125.00
new, and had an Asphalt Urban GT racing game in it, at a cost
of $35.00. Nope. I reminded him that he'd tried to pawn it off
on me, and I told him to take care of it himself. Every weekend,
HH and I tell him not to take it, that he's there to bowl, not play
GameBoy. I saw him put it in his bowling bag, and told him to
watch out, or he'd drop the ball on it and break it when he was
packing up. He searched the bag, and so did HH. They went in
to search the bowling alley. #2 and I went in later to help. No
GameBoy. He looked like he was going to cry, but didn't. Then
he said, "Oh, well. I didn't pay for it. You and Grandma got it
for my birthday last year. You can get me another one this year."
I told him that wasn't happening. He doesn't even get allowance
right now, because of his attitude. He hasn't gotten it since June.

After much questioning, he remembered that he'd taken it out
when he put the ball in the bag, and one of the kids on his team
was playing it. Then he snatched it out of the kid's hands and
set it on the chair beside him while he changed shoes. He thought
he carried it with him and set it down on a video game he was
playing before we left. All I could think of was that one of the
older kids snagged it on the way out, because I teach those kind
of kids, and have heard them talk about doing stuff like that. Like
the time they found a $20 bill on the Citgo parking lot, and saw a
man come out and look all around on the ground and under his
car. They said, "I bet it belonged to that man." Did they give it to
him? Nope. "Finders keepers!" they said.

This afternoon around 4:00, the kid who'd been playing with the
GameBoy called and said he found it in his bowling bag, that
somebody had put it in there. I really don't think that kid took it.
He has his own GameBoy DS, as well as a PSP. Why would he
want another one? AND, he said he called our neighbor boy who
is also on their bowling team, and asked him to come up and tell
#1 last night, since our line was busy (dial-up, you know). The
kid never came to tell us, so I'm thinking he might have put it in
the other kid's bag as a prank. We don't care. #1 is glad it wasn't
stolen. He's none too happy that we're making him wait until next
Saturday to get it back. The kid only lives about 4 miles away, on
the way to town, but #1 needs to learn responsibility.

Save-A-Lot already has the Halloween candy out. It's been there
a couple weeks now. I'm sure Wal*Mart does, too, but I'm trying
to stay out of Wal*Mart after my 'shoplifting' incident last week.
My faithful shopping companion, #2 son, wheedled his way into
a bag of Whoppers. Which #1 son promptly ripped open when
we got home. He didn't get them all, though. He only took 2 when
I told him '1'. I think I'll hide them and only tell #2 where they are.

HH grilled some steaks for supper. He brought them home from
work, after a plant cookout. Some guy won them and didn't want
them, so HH got the spoils. I told him they might spoil, that he
should put them in the freezer yesterday. I'm funny like that.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. 4 days. And he drove them
home in his car, with no cooler. My grandma and HH had quite
a laugh at my expense. Grandma said, "Aww, they'll keep for a
week. What does she think the refrigerator's for?" Hey! It's not
1930 any more, Grandma. A refrigerator is not a Way-Back
machine. I don't think meat lasts that long, unless it is meat that
is packaged by demon Wal*Mart, that has been nuked or some
such thing. Anyhoo, the steaks were great. That is one thing that
HH does exceptionally well: grill meat. He also cleaned the glass
shower door today, but that is giving him too much glory, so we
won't go into that.

Now I must go digest my $11.00 per pound filet mignon. I must
ask HH what his company really does.


Cazzie!!! said...

Me didn't finks dat puddy tatts like the I guess it was an accident your puddy tatt ended up swimming..LOL..I can imagine the sorrowful look it mst have had upon being rescued :)
Hey, maybe it is a worldwide number 1 son has an attitude too.
Speaking of loosing things other than my own mind (sheesh!!)...our #2 son keeps loosing his PSP games and that PISSES ME OFF as they cost 90 dollars Australian EACH!!! more..and santa aint coming with anymore neither..

Cazzie!!! said...

"I must
ask HH what his company really does."...mmmm, Arnold Arnold Schawrtznegger in "True Lies", you are ONE LUCKY CHICK if your hubby is anything like Arnie :)

Hillbilly Mom said...

Ooh! Those little flat DS games are all over the place. Never mind that he has a case to keep them in. They are on the TV table, and in the couch, and on the floor of the car...I charge the kids a $1 to get them back. I don't even say I have them, I just wait until they are whining about wanting to play a certain one, then tell them I am holding it for ransom. I got a lot of Sonic Cherry Diet Coke money back out of their allowances that way.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I can find no quality in HH that compares to Arnold.

Stewed Hamm said...

Sounds like someone's jealous because she didn't get to go to the premiere of "Jingle All The Way."

Redneck Diva said...

Sam's Gameboy has been missing for nearly a year now - I am NOT happy about it. And he had the same attitude your boy did - "Granny gave me the money for it last year for my birthday. I'll just buy another one this year." Oh, methinks not, spoiled little poor boy. Glad y'all found yours...wish we could find ours...

Cazzie!!! said...

OMG Diva..just like last week when #2 son was outta the dental hospital and my mother out-law came to visit and gave him a game for his PSP. Then, my mum (not my actual mum, but I call her that coz she is more my mum than my mum is) comes in the door and he says, "Oh, hi Pat, did you buy me a game?" Hell, she didn't even know that he HAD a PSP let alone she had to even buy him anything!! We don't buy our kids everything under the Sun, but the granny does and that shits me!! Coz then they expect it from everyone and act like spoilt brats.
When we go to say enough is enough, we get slack from the father out-law..he says, "Just let her do it, she wants to spend the money ok"...and we know why he says is because she whinges incessantly when we do complain...goes without saying....YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS BUT NOT YOUR FAMILY!!!
HBM, I like the ransom idea, and I shall now use it :)

Hillbilly Mom said...

Actually, it was 'JUNIOR', the one where Arnie gets pregnant.

Talk to your houseghost, and maybe it will appear sometime. #2's pacifier did that here after 2 days of missing-in-action. Right out in the open, where we'd already searched. Not his pacifier NOW. Great Googley Moogley, he's EIGHT! Back then, when he was a newborn.

I'm hearin' ya, Sistah! I'm always glad to give parents new ways to torture their offspring.