Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Basementia is for Squatters

I suppose that's not a very good tourism slogan.

I am thinking about making Lower Basementia my new Mansion.
I was there until 4:30 today, people. That is uncalled for. But if I
move in, I can save on travel time, plus HH will have to become
a responsible adult. Lower Basementia has everything I need. I
have a mini-fridge, a microwave, two computers, internet access,
a telephone wire for a land line if I want one, a bathroom, a water
fountain, a library just across the hall...The only thing I'm lacking
is a bed. I think the carpeted floor of the library might work for
that. The only thing missing would be TV, but I have a DVD
player and TV in my room. I think the library has cable access.
I'm set. No rent or utilities to pay, either. There are security
cameras in this building now, but I doubt anybody watches them
at night. The boys can stay with me, too. It's not as barbaric as
camping. We shall become squatters in Lower Basementia.

Or not.

Nothing much has been happening here. I saw a lightbulb light up
over a kid's head today, when I taught how to add positive and
negative integers. He had sat down saying that "I just don't get
this stuff!" Within 5 minutes, he said, "That's all there is to it? That's
easy." I was not convinced. I graded his paper. He only missed 3
out of 25. That's 88%. His regular math teacher said he did very
well on that part of the lesson today. Tomorrow we must work
on subtraction of positive and negative integers.

If I get any more boring, I'm going to put myself to sleep. Not like
putting me out of my misery kind of putting to sleep, or like HH
being put to sleep for his apnea. Just a general nodding off kind of
sleep, where your head bobs around on your neck until you jolt
yourself awake. Those elusive ZZZZZs appear all the time around
the Mansion. I don't know what all the hoopla is about that Ambien
and stuff. Actually, I don't even know what hoopla is. I kind of
picture a parade of wacky people like the residents of Who-ville
parading down the street wearing hoola-hoops, and playing those
wacky Who-ville musical instruments. After partaking of a big meal
of roast-beast. But enough about what goes on in my cranium.

Tomorrow is supposed to be COLD. #2 son has picture day, so
I must throw together a presentable outfit. #1 will just have to
wear shorts until I get to Wal*Mart this weekend. He is only
outside for the 10-second walk from the car to the building. And
he has a heated seat in the large SUV. I think he'll survive.

If we move into Lower Basementia tonight, I know he will.


LanternLight said...

I am thinking about making Lower Basementia my new Mansion.

Lack of firearms would be a cramp.

Just a general nodding off kind of
sleep, where your head bobs around on your neck until you jolt yourself awake.

I did that today in a meeting.

Chickadee said...

Lower Basementia actually sounds kinda nice, especially since you'll get the place to yourself after 4:30pm. And as long as you don't mind bathing from the bathroom sink...it's all good.

Isn't Ambien the drug that is causing people to do stuff in the middle of the night like drive their car, and they wake up not remembering what they did the night before? That's kind off the subject, but I wondered about that when I read that paragraph about what goes on in your cranium. ;)


Hillbilly Mom said...

As my 3rd hour class seems to believe. I just found that out today, when they wished they could live during the time of Tom Sawyer, because they could carry a gun in town or to school.

As for the neck-jolting wake-up...Like I tell my students when they reveal such information: That's really nothing to brag about.

Yeah. The lack of hot water might get to me this winter.

Great Googley Moogley! That sounds like a good plot for a murder mystery. I didn't know Ambien was so powerful. I just see commercials for it about every 10 minutes, and wondered what all the hoopla was about.

My cranium has not been filled with Ambien. I've never tried a sleeping pill or antidepressant or whatever it is. Though I do know someone who thought if the doctor prescribed one Prozac, two would be even better, and then wondered why her prescription ran out so fast. My cranium has not been chemically altered for many years now, it just comes up with this odd stuff on its own.

Redneck Diva said...

I did that head-bobbing thing when we were watching a film about Walt Disney at Disney World. It was so hot and humid outside and the theatre was so nice and cool....I tried really hard to stay awake, but it just didn't happen. When it was over and we were filing out, Tater hissed back over her shoulder, "Have a nice nap there, dear?" Damn! I'd been caught!

Indeed, "hoopla" actually does have a lot to do with hula hoops. And large earrings, canaries and nooses. Now you know. (Actually I just made all that crap up. Like you couldn't tell.)

Hillbilly Mom said...

Actually, the comment I meant for here I put into the "Kidbits" post. Now it looks like I am not fully appreciating your Abby's 100%. HooRah, Abby. Way to go! You don't even need a Big Chief Tablet!