Thursday, September 21, 2006

Crony Goes To Luncheon

I thought this week would never end. OK, so it's only Thursday,
but we have an inservice day tomorrow, which means NO KIDS!

I am looking forward to a free breakfast (though we've been told it
will be light, like fruit and stuff, because SOME people don't like to
have a big breakfast, then be allowed an hour-and-a-half lunch at
some restaurant). Moderation, people! Go easy on the breakfast,
or easy on the lunch. Great Googley Moogley! Must our superiors
save us from ourselves? I will miss the big breakfast. I never cook
breakfast at home. Even when HH cooks it, I am not invited. I am
hoping this 'light' breakfast is not donuts. That is OH SO NOT my
idea of the way to start the day. I need some greasy meat.
Like sausage.

Yes, I am looking forward to sitting on my big fat butt and listening
to a variety of speakers, trying not to yawn or laugh uncontrollably
at inopportune times.

Lunch will be fun, because Mabel, her mathie cohort, and I will be
meeting one of our old cronies whom we haven't seen since last
May. It will be a hoot. I am ready to dish the dirt, as long as we can
keep our crony away from those who would horn in and small-talk
us to death. I will never be voted Miss Congeniality, will I?

We have to stay until the regular time. After lunch, we have another
speaker. That one is harder to take, because the big fat butt has
caught on to the routine, and does not like being plastered to the
chair yet again.

If only something exciting could happen, like the time Mabel's
cohort stood up and somebody hollered, "Hey, Mabel's cohort!
It looks like you've got a Bounce hanging out of your pantsleg!"
And Mabel's cohort pulled it out, help it up for a moment as if
admiring it, though actually gazing in horror at the pair of flowered
cotton panties that dangled from her hand. She quickly stuffed them
into the pocket of her jeans, redfaced, muttering, "I don't know
HOW those got in there!" Every year when it's time for this
professional development day, we remind her of the incident.
We're not laughing AT her, we're laughing WITH her. Except
she doesn't really do much laughing.

Ahh...good times!


LanternLight said...

flowered cotton panties that dangled from her hand

Well it could have been much worse, such as a g-string.

Apple said...

I love our SUPERindent's DAYs. We get to go in late and leave early. Sometimes they even let us into a warm school building to listen to the our speakers, like back in August when it was hot anyway.

Flowered panties wouldn't be nearly as embarrassing as a pair of my very large granny panties!

I hope you had enjoyable speakers; good ones always make the day go by faster.

Kieran said...

That kind of thing just doesn't happen enough.

Redneck Diva said...

When my dad worked in the tire factory he had a friend whose wife wore his jeans from time to time. One morning he got up late for work, grabbed a pair of jeans out of the floor and put them on. Later in the day his wife's panties slid out the leg of his pants. You can bet the guys had a heyday with that one!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Hey! I KNOW I answered these comments once!

Mabel's cohort does not seem to be the type to wear the buttock floss.

We had a good one and a bad one. The good outweighed the bad. But not in a large granny panty kind of way.

You got that right! I haven't had such a good laugh since I was at another school where a librarian stood up with her panties in her crack, and my best buddy whispered loudly, "Her butt's having lunch!"

At least the panties belonged to his wife.