Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hillbilly Fun Day

We all had a good time today. The kids amassed great quantities
tickets as Chuck E. Cheese, and I got to gamble (and not listen to
everyone else whine) for several hours. Even HH had a good time
in his own special way. He got to b*tch at all of us while we were
a captive audience in the large SUV for 3 hours. Even though HE
was the one who offered to take me to the casino, it's one of those
deals where I am now beholden to him for all the days of my life.
You know how it is. He did me a great favor, and I need to kiss
his feet and/or butt forever and ever, amen. And as Kim Darby
said to Glen Campbell in True Grit (the worst-acted movie of all
time), when he threatened to spank her instead of steal a kiss from
her: "I can assure you, one would be as unpleasant as the other."
Yeah, one of those deals. I'll hear about it from here to eternity.
C'mon, Diva. Surely YOU understand what I'm talkin' about...
Can I get an "I hear ya, sistah!" from the Redneck section?

I had just as much fun at Chuck E. Cheese as the casino. Chuck
E. has gambling too, you know. That game where you put in a
token and try to get those little bulldozer thingies to push a huge
pile of other tokens off the ledge? Yeah. I love it. #2 son and I
played it, and won 249 tickets at one time. WooHoo! #1 son
had some of his tickets stolen by a little girl of around 5 years of
age. Heehee! It's his own fault. He walked off to get more tokens,
and left them hanging out of the game. She walked up and played,
and took his, too. He asked about them, and I said, "You walked
off. She's got them." Did that little girl give them to him? Nope!
AND, she lurked around, trying to squeeze in and play after #2
played again. Hey! She had walked off, and both my boys got in
line to play again. #1 son was more nervous than a long-tailed cat
in a room full of rocking chairs. He leaned down and put his arm
between her and the game. "I'm next. You'll have to wait your
turn." Oh, he was polite. But it was funny to see and 11-year-old
boy so worried about a 5-year-old girl outsmarting him. He said,
"Mom, she had on that birthday hat. I guess she thought it was
ALL ABOUT HER!" I don't know where the boy has heard such
an expression.

My buddy Colleen commented yesterday about her experience
with casino cuisine. Of course I must put in my two cents' worth.
First of all, I wish I HAD two cents' worth. I lost between
$15-$20 today on my little gambling expedition. It could have
been a lot worse, but I cashed out my big wins. With more time,
I'm sure I could have broken even...That's what I always think,

Colleen was not impressed with Harrah's brunch. I must agree.
I have never enjoyed Harrah's food. They have a wide variety,
but it doesn't taste all that good. It's like something you could
microwave at home. I'm sure they pay some chef some good
money, but I don't know why.

On the other hand, the brunch at Ameristar is great! Yes, they
have Mimosas. I don't drink, but my gambling companion did,
back when I used to go gambling once a month. And Ameristar
has that chocolate fountain thingy that you can dip anything
you want into it. I didn't try that, either, not being one for the
sweet stuff, but it looked really good. Everything there at
Ameristar seemed fresher and better than anything I've ever
had at Harrah's.

Here's my dilemma. I prefer Ameristar. I've won more there,
the staff is friendlier, there are other restaurants that I like in
their complex, they have a game room for the kids, and they
have that water fountain thingy that mesmerizes my boys.
BUT...Ameristar has no hotel. I like to stay overnight so I
can gamble when I want and not be rushed. Harrah's has a
hotel. The kids can play games on the interactive TV while
HH and I take turns going down to the casino. But Harrah's
has no game room. And the food is not worth the price. In
fact, last time HH drove the boys to McDonald's, and brought
me back a fish sandwich. That's how bad Harrah's food is...
a cold fish sandwich is tastier than their buffet. The only thing
that keeps me going there is the hotel. Next time, I plan to
stay at Harrah's, but go to Ameristar to eat. I'm sure I will
gamble a bit while HH takes the boys to the game room.

We are planning another trip near the end of October, because
all work and no play makes Hillbilly Mom a dull gal.

I'm sure it will be a blogworthy experience.


Cazzie!!! said...

""We are planning another trip near the end of October, because
all work and no play makes Hillbilly Mom a dull gal."" LOL, I guess that is why we work out asses off all year so that we can go have fun and hollidays and ..oh yeah, I forgot, pay bills and buy food, PMSL!!
A friend of mine came back from a month long trip to India, yes, hot as hell India!! She said she couldn't believe she was back at work and I said to her jsut wjat I said to you..that work is the reason we are able to go on sucks doesn't it? :(

Chickadee said...

There ya go...sleep at Harrah's and play at Ameristar! It's just down the highway a bit.

My hubby plays Texas Hold 'Em poker and he said that when Harah's initally made their poker room, it sucked eggs, but it has improved greatly since and he actually prefers playing in Harrahs. I replied that we can only hope the food improves as well.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I used to LOVE my job, and sometimes forgot when payday was. Not now. I'm not lovin' it. I am rushed from the time I get to school until I leave at 4:00, an hour after school has officially ended. I don't feel that I am helping as many kids this year. I don't have that one-on-one time with them to explain things, it's regular teaching. I don't have my regular lunch time. I get maybe 20 minutes, and have to walk to another building, and have to walk my kids there, so there's no cooking anything, which means a sandwich all year long. Can you play the world's smallest violin for me, please?

Yep, it's only about 5 minutes away--depending on how fast you drive.

I never play table games. I am afraid of looking stupid. Slots for me...and sometimes video poker. Now I'm ready to go again. Good thing I don't live near a casino.

Redneck Diva said...

You can totally get an "I hear ya, sistah!" from this redneck! I'll always have your back, gurrrrrrrl. (Sometimes I try way too hard to be hip.)

Me, Tater and two of my daycare moms loaded up our offspring a few weeks ago and visited the Might Chuck E. I really hate their pizza. It is just horrific. I got the salad bar, but there was all this pizza just sitting there and I picked up a piece and took a bite and, even though it was a horrific faux pas even for a redneck, I promptly spit it right out onto my plate. It was that bad. Oh, but the kids scarf it right down. But then again, it's because we, too, say "No games till you eat at least 2 pieces!" I kinda feel bad now for making them eat two whole pieces of that crap.

Buffalo Run and Stables Casino have very nice, very fancy schmancy restaurants with excellent food. I haven't tried High Winds, but the rumors a'floatin' is that it sucks. None of them have hotels as of yet, but my Lucky Turtle is in the process of buildling one and so is High Winds. If we can get some hotels in our casinos will you PLEASE come visit me?

Hillbilly Mom said...

We go to the Chuck E. in South St.Louis. The pizza is pretty good there.

If you can get a casino to build a hotel, and I can convince HH that it is just a little past Branson, and the moon and stars align just right, I am TOTALLY down for visiting you at the casino some summer in the future. Keep me posted.