Friday, September 08, 2006

Old, But Without the Old People Smell

I haven't much to say. Actually, I have too much to say, but it is
related to work, and I probably shouldn't say it. Though I will put
this thought out there: DON'T MESS WITH MRS. HILLBILLY
MOM, KIDS. I have been teaching kids your age longer than you
have been a kid your age. I know all the tricks, and I have the
resources to combat them. To the two classes who are planning
a mutiny: I will take you down one buccaneer at a time. I've
been reading Treasure Island to my 7th grade Communication
Arts class. Does it show?

For the perfect end to the perfect day, I had a doctor's appointment
at 4:30. Don't you worry about ol' Hillbilly Mom, people. I ain't sick,
and I didn't have to wait 2 hours in the waiting room. It's a specialty
doctor, you annual tune-up. I was amazed that I was called
in EARLY from the waiting room, and the doctor walked in at the
stroke of my appointment time. He was very glad to see me. Not
in a 'pickle in your pocket' kind of way, but in a 'you're my last
appointment of the day' kind of way. In and out in 30 minutes.
That's how doctorin' should be! Plus, he told me a joke:
Two old ladies sat in church, bored to tears. One leaned over
to the other one and said, "I think my butt's asleep." To which
the other one replied, "I know. I heard it snore a minute ago."

HH picked up the boys from my Hillbilly Mama's house, and we
met at CiCi's Pizza for supper. Because it has been 3 days since
we last ate pizza. One of my former students was working. She
even hooked me up with some cheese and mushrooms for my
predominantly sweet-banana-pepper salad. AND, she saved the
day for HH, who lost a dollar in the ice cream vending machine.
Wahwahwah! That's the sound of HH crying because he really
wanted the ice cream. She opened up the machine and gave
him one. Then she gave #2 son the 50 cents he lost in a game.
She barely had time to work, what with servicing the Hillbilly
family all night. #1 son went up to ask her why she wasn't out
front with a foam pizza on her head, attracting business. I thought
that would be a good joke, since we saw one of the employees
doing just that. My little gal said, "Because I did that Wednesday
night." Heehee. She's funny, too. You ROCK, kid. Keep up the
good work. She's still in school, just not in my class this year.

HH spied my supervisor from my old job at the Unemployment
Office. I haven't seen her in 9 years. She still looked the same!
It was nice seeing her again. She's working locally in customer
service at a manufacturer of kids' play equipment. Small world.

The boys have the first day of their bowling league tomorrow. I
have to take them, because HH has to attend a class on "How to
close your pool for the winter." That man needs all the learnin' he
can get. I don't want the pool to smell like old people next summer.

Speaking of old people...I am getting tired, and must quit typing
the nothing that I had to say. I may be old, but I don't smell.


Redneck Diva said...

In the words of the oh-so-creepy-Johnny-Depp-Willie-Wonka when he was talking to Charlie's Gramma Georgina, "You smell like old people. And soap. I like that."

The smell of soap is good, the smell of old people, not so much.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I loved the grandparentalunits in Willie Wonka. The OLD Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie. I loved the line about "...with you grandparents being bedridden for 20 years."