Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Stormy Weather

Tonight is Open House, and I won't be home until around 9:00 p.m.
So this early bird is grabbing the worm right now, and twisting Mr.
Canadian Earthworm up out of his hole to face the day.

Yesterday, we had what was perhaps the longest meeting ever
held in that building. There were many new things to cover. There
was no filler. In fact, we hurried right along, and still it took until
3:00 to finish. I still had things to do in my room, like install two
print cartridges, which ran out right before lunch break and the
meeting. I ended up working until 4:30. There was only one car
left in the parking lot when I left. I don't know who it was. The
lights were off, but some kind soul had left the copy machine on.
I turned it off as I left. I'm glad it wasn't dark outside. That could
have been creepy. You don't want to be alone in a school after
dark. Or in a school with one other person whose identity is

I picked up the boys from my Hillbilly Mama's house, and since
it was going on 5:00, drove them through McDonald's for their
nutritious evening meal. Hey! It was their choice. I would have
preferred Sonic. There was a dark cloud over Wal*Mart, which
is right next to McDonald's. That should have been a sign.

When we left the drive-thru window, I told #1 son to check the
bag. The order was wrong. Very wrong. Instead of the Mighty
Kid chicken nugget, there was a Happy Meal chicken nugget.
That is two less nuggets! At the Mighty Kid price! Also, #2 son's
cheeseburger with no pickle had morphed into a Quarter Pounder
with Cheese. We were missing an order of fries, a toy, and a
small Sprite.

I wrote the original order on the back of the receipt, and sent
#1 in to address the matter. He was fired up! Two less chicken
nuggets for him! HH called to ask about the weather. I told him
it was cloudy. My Hillbilly Mama called to tell me there were
warnings for severe thunderstorms in counties to the south and
west. I told her we were fine. Two minutes later, a big black
cloud moved over, and the rain poured down in sheets, and
the wind started to blow.

The boys came out of McDonald's with the fast-food booty,
and we hit the road. We still had 20 minutes to drive home.
I suppose the order mix-up and the storm were a sign not to
eat at McDonald's...

It was hard to see through the driving rain. At least I wasn't on
the highway. I was afraid a tree might fall on us, but we made it
home safely. Poor Grizzly ran around the house in the pouring
rain and into the garage, where he is not allowed. We took him
up on the porch, where he curled up on the rug outside the
kitchen door. HH made it home from work about 5 minutes
later. The whole storm blew over in the next half-hour.

It was a bit of an exciting start to the new school year.


Cazzie!!! said...

Glad to see MacDonalds really is a true World Wide Franchise where they fugg up every order coming thru the drive thru!!! NIce to know it is not just Australia Wide :)

Chickadee said...

There must be a anti-rain shield over my part of the hood. The last several times it has rained, it has rained every where BUT where I live. I'm beginning to take this personally.


LanternLight said...

It was hard to see through the driving rain. At least I wasn't on
the highway.

If you can drive though it, it couldn't be THAT bad.

It's not as if it was a tropical thunderstorm or anything ...

Poor Grizzly. Don't you let him up on the porch while you're out???

Hillbilly Mom said...

It's those 16 year old DoNots who work there.

You are the opposite of the guy with the raincloud over his head. An umbrella follows you around the neighborhood. In fact, it COVERS your whole neighborhood.

I just kept going. There was no place to pull off.

Grizzly can get on the porch anytime, but when there's thunder, he runs to his doghouse, or more recently to the basement door back by the pool. That's because HH let him in the basement during the last big storm. Grizzly hears us, and thinks "They'll take me in" and runs to us. We were in the garage, so he came in like he belonged.

Redneck Diva said...

I woke up at 5am this morning to the sound of rain, glorious rain! By 6:30 when I got up it was all gone and the earth was once again parched and cracked and there were mirages on the horizon, buzzards circling the carcasses of the dehydrated animals laying strewn about. Okay, alright, so that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but not much.