Saturday, August 12, 2006

A New Motto For Hillbilly Mom?

Nothing new here. Ann the dog chewed up a Bud Light beer case
thingy on the front porch. It looked like confetti. At first, I thought
it was just a cardboard 12-pack thingy, but after picking it up, it
had to be a case. Actually, I did not pick it up. My loyal #2 son
did the pickin' while I held the bag. Yep. Hillbilly Mom, left
holding the bag once again.

I don't know where Ann found that thing. It sure wasn't ours. The
neighbors are all at least 1/4 mile away. I can imagine her proudly
trotting home with her treasure in her mouth. I hope she outgrows
this stage. Every morning there's new chewing evidence on the
porch. Lately she's been carrying big logs. Not exactly the logs,
but the big curved sections of bark off the sides of the logs. She
might be making dugout canoes in her spare time.

We give her rawhide chew bones and she eats them within a day.
Hers AND Grizzly's. We had an old wooden relic folding chair,
and she has chewed the corners off the seat. She likes to bite on
the cats like she used to bite the dear departed Cubby, but the
cats are having none of it. They squall and swipe at her tender
nose, and send Ann running for her under-camper China-hole
haven. She's only 6 months old. Surely as she matures, this
chewing frenzy will end. I hope.

I might have to change my motto. People and dogs piss me off!


LanternLight said...

How's about:
OH SO PRETTY HillBilly Mom, winner of Big Blogger 2

Hillbilly Mom said...

You motto for me sounds much nicer, but it doesn't give people a warning about my contents.