Monday, August 21, 2006

Dark Cloud Over HM

Hillbilly Mom did not have a good day. It started with the #2 son
vomiting at 5:20 a.m. That's my new wake-up time, instead of 4:20.
I heard a little voice in the dark living room say "Heellllooooo?"
You'd think a normal kid would holler "MOM!" Not my boy. It's
like he's a visitor at an exclusive villa, hoping for the staff to come
running with a gold-plated vomit bowl. HH said, "Did I just hear #2?"
He'd already hit the snooze button once.

The boy came into the bedroom, flipped on the OH SO BRIGHT
overhead light, and announced that he was ready to vomit. Umm...

His business done, he curled up on the TV to watch cartoons,
while I packed lunches and laid out clothes. He had no fever. I
think it was just too much snot. No way was I letting him stay
home on the third day of school. I packed him up and dropped
him off. He made it just fine.

I, on the other hand, continued my day under the dark cloud.
Nothing severe happened. I couldn't find a parking spot in my
rush to Basementia. I had to park on the grass. Shh...don't tell.
I went to enter grades and couldn't find my roster. I found the
2nd semester roster, but I don't have those kids until January.
I would have some explainin' to do if I gave them grades now.
I had to call the counselor to tell her I had grading issues. She
said to try checking "Sem 1" instead of "Sem 2". Duh. I had
done it on every screen but one. Ain't that just my luck? Anyhoo,
I think the computer should know what freakin' semester it is.
We never had to change that manually last year.

On the way home, I planned to stop and pick up the prescriptions
HH said he needed. I put $57.00 worth of gas in the large SUV.
Yeah, there was some change, but at that rate, does it really
matter? That was only half a tank, too. I sent #1 son in to pay,
and to buy some Mentos, since he ate the last one this morning.
Darn him! I'd had those things since jury duty last winter, and found
them in the side of my purse this morning. They were aged just right.
Strawberry. #1 couldn't find any except sour-something green ones.
They taste like soap. Don't buy them. Anyhoo, he came out and told
me he couldn't pay until I took the nozzle out and flipped the switch
thingy. I'd told him to do it before he went in. Some people can't
handle responsibility. But with my luck today, I would have driven
off with that nozzle still in the car.

HH called as we pulled into the pharmacy. Seems he hadn't called
in the prescription. That means he had to drive 20 minutes to town,
wait 20 minutes, and drive 20 minutes home. I don't know what's
wrong with that man.

I cooked #2 a grilled cheese for supper. #1 had leftover BBQ
bratwurst. I tried to make a salad. The lettuce was OK. The
tomatoes HH bought yesterday were rotten. They were those
baby tomatoes on the vine that you get in a net bag from demon
Wal*Mart. HH does not do well with produce. With no tomatoes,
I tried some mushrooms, shredded cheese, green olives, sunflower
seeds, garlic & butter croutons, and ranch dressing. After putting
on the dressing, I looked at the bottle. Light ranch. Which is fine
if you mix it with regular, but by itself it is too salty and tart. Salad.
A terrible thing to waste. Especially after it took 30 minutes to
make while preparing supper for the kids. HH was on his own
with the warmed-up BBQ.

I sat down at my desk to turn on the computer, and knocked over
a large cup of ice water. Thank the Gummi Mary that it missed the
keyboard by 1/4 inch. The keyboard #1 son is loaning me, that
gives me typing issues. #1 heard the scream, rushed in to turn on
the light in my dark, dark lair, and offered to grab some toilet paper
to help me clean up the mess. I need to have a talk with that boy
about the 'quicker picker-upper'. If you don't get that, you are way
too young. Go cut out some paper dolls or play stickball. Oh. I
suppose you have newfangled toys now, huh?

#1 son has about an hour and a half of homework. I think that is
too much. He is not one to slack off in school. I don't think kids
in 6th grade should have so much homework. They are kids.
Can't they have a life? When will they watch TV? Heh heh. I still
think it's too much. Just my opinion.

We are planning to watch the finale of Treasure Hunters tonight,
my #2 son and I. He's been watching faithfully since summer.
I'm even letting him stay up 30 minutes late. HH argued with
him last night, but we all know I'm the one in charge here. I wish
he hadn't lost the hour of sleep this morning due to vomiting, but
I've already made my promise that he can stay up until 9:00.

I'll probably fall asleep about 10 minutes before it's over.


Cazzie!!! said...

Oh man, the work of a parent is never truly complete is it? I had 3 of the four of em sick the other week and I only fell asleep through sheer exhaustion at the end of the day, to be awakened by the sounds of cropy cough!! Grrr!!!
Having the short trip to Sydney was a great re fresher I have to say :)

MrsCoach2U said...

I agree with the homework thing, that is too much! In Oklahoma they can only give so many minutes of homework per year of age (I am positive I read that while filling out one of Mr.Coach's many forms/applications).

deadpanann said...

Poor kid. Puking sucks! I would've insisted on a free day. That was the only way I could ever get out of school.

I bet the large SUV is killing you. $57 for half a tank is a beyotch! It takes almost that much to fill up our Dodge Magnum, which is SUPPOSED to get 28 mpg highway but ACTUALLY gets about 17 so far. The higher gas prices go, the more I love my wimpy little Nissan Sentra. 33 mpg makes up for the lack of sexiness.

Chickadee said...

Oh man..hope you had a better day today. I laughed outloud when I read about your boy announcing the fact that he had to puke. I remember this one time when I was little, I was sitting at the kitchen table and without warning, I threw up. My mom was furious and herded me into the bathroom. She didn't believe me that I had no warning...but seriously, I had NO idea I was going to barf. I felt fine before and after throwing up. Weird. hubby doesn't pick produce out very well either. Usually he's bringing home stuff that is waaay under-ripe. I don't think the men understand how to judge whether or not a produce object is underripe, ripe or overripe.

Hillbilly Mom said...

At least I just have the two of them to worry about.

Oklahoma. OH SO ADVANCED in the schooling business. Who knew?

Miss Ann,
I used to have a Nissan Sentra. Loved it. But not as much as my cherry red Toyota Corolla. I got about 32 mpg in it. My large SUV gets 15 mpg.

I've never heard of vomiting without warning. I always fight it for a couple hours before I let it out.

Maybe the guys pick out bad produce on purpose, so we won't ask them to do it again.

Redneck Diva said...

I've never heard Mrs. Coach's theory on Oklahoma homework, but if it's true then the magic number for 9 year olds is 90. 4th grade and she's doing at least an hour, but more often and hour and a half of homework a night. It's in the student handbook that Mon, Tues, and Thurs they WILL have homework assignments. Oh yes, we are OH SO ADVANCED in the schooling business. Pthhhht