Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Gambling, Working, Lunching, Movie-Watching, and Shopping with Hillbilly Mom

Another day of schooling for us. The day started with a stop at
Casey's, our convenience store of choice, for some nutritious
donuts for the boys' breakfast. Their slogan is 'baked fresh daily',
but don't you believe it. I used to work at a Casey's, and those
donuts come frozen in large boxes, to be heated and iced each
morning at 5:00. At ours anyway, because we opened at 6:00.

Hey, did you know Casey's also sells lottery tickets? Of course
we had to cash in some winners and invest in some more. My
lucky #2 boy pointed to the kind he wanted. Are you with me?
Do you think he won? You bet your sweet Coors can costume
he did. $25.00 on a $2 ticket. I want shrink him and wear him
on my keychain, that lucky little charmer!

We headed to my other building this morning, where I found
my missing supplies. Funny thing, they were not addressed to
me, but to the principal. Go figure! So all my stuff is here. #1
son hooked up my computers. He also copied a bunch of stuff
for me. That boy loves him some electronic equipment. He had
a heyday yesterday unjamming a copier. The other teachers
had gathered around, saying, "Don't you know that one's a
piece of junk?", because I usually make my copies in
the other building, where the copy room is two doors down
from my classroom. My kid loved poking and prodding and
lifting and sliding and latching and spinning those mechanical
innards. He fixed it right up, too. But we gave up on that one,
because some machines are just not meant to run 2-sided copies.
They rebel.

I put up some scholarly posters on my walls this morning, looked
through my materials, talked to the principal and counselor, and
found out I'll be sharing my classroom. I'm a selfish old grouch,
and don't like change. After that bit of news, I figured, 'Why fix up
the room for somebody else?' and went out to lunch. Not really.
I had already made plans for lunch, and knew I was leaving at
11:00. There is a new class but no classroom, and I am gone all
afternoon, so my room is the logical choice.

After waiting an ETERNITY for lunch to be served (OK, so it
was 50 minutes, but when you have two boys it seems like an
eternity) we decided to go to see Barnyard again. #1 never saw
it, and #2 and I liked it enough to go again. Some daycare group
came in just before it started. Every seat was full AGAIN. And
this was at 2:15. I can imagine the night time shows. Did I mention
how I hate those traipsers who show up just as the movie is starting,
looking for 5 seats together? Yeah. There were more of them.
Maybe they had been waiting on their lunch. The excuse for the
food withholding was that a group of 60 came in unexpectedly,
and only 3 waitresses were on the schedule. It was so bad that
the owner walked through and chatted with people and explained.
Still, he didn't offer us a discount or a complimentary rib or anything.
Not his rib. It was a BBQ restaurant. I felt sorry for the waitresses.
They are the ones who got cheated out of tips, even though they
weren't the cooks, and they didn't make the schedule.

Gosh, no wonder I'm tired. After the movie, we made an expedition
to Office Max for those last minute items like double-sided tape to
stick up my sagging Ethernet CAT 6 cable. That's what my boy
said it is. I wouldn't know an Ethernet CAT 6 cable if it bit me on
the butt. But I would know enough to say, "Hey! Quit biting me on
the butt! Who do you think you are, my students who never caused
me a discipine issue? Enough with the butt-biting! I've already been
in the news this week!"

Now I must write up a new 'Course Description' to hand out at
Open House next Tuesday. Because I have 5 new courses this
year. And it's not going to write itself.


Chickadee said...

OMG, waiting for food for 50 minutes IS an ordeal! But then again, I have ADD. LOL.

I think I would be grouchy too if I had to share my room with another teacher. Not only are you in the basement, but now you have to share! Rrrrr.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Oh, but I don't have to share my lovely lair in Lower Basementia. I have to share my room in the new building with its own thermostat and my fridge and my microwave.

I don't liiiiiiike to share! It's miiiiine!

Redneck Diva said...

I don't like to share either - that's why I work at home.

All this talk of butt-biting is becoming rather amusing. Can't wait for the keyword search results from these last few posts.

Heck with any luck, you'll be known the world over as "Hillbilly Mom - The Woman with the Bitten Butt". They'll probably do a TLC special on you. It'll air right after "The Man Whose Arms Exploded" and right before "Half Man, Full Life".

Hillbilly Mom said...

Sadly, since I've started my 'new' blog, I have not been getting good searches. I do not have a large body of work yet to draw in such pervs. But don't worry. I still have my large body.

Darn that TLC! I wanted to be between the 200 Pound Tumor and the Half-Ton Man! Then I would look svelte.