Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Where We're At

Heh, heh. I can even sneak my preposition in at the end of the
title. I'm that good.

Let's have some updates. HH the Hillbilly HouseHusband is still
sickly. He took off from work another day to go to the doctor.
From there he went to The Devil's Playground to buy dogfood.
So I don't think it's terminal. He says it's a bronchial thingy, and
has 10 days of meds and some tasty-looking cough medicine
that is not Histinex.

My insurance has decided that they ARE my insurance, and are
again refusing to pay my blood test lab bill from Nov. 30 due to
it being a 'routine test'. I've heard this song before. I called the
doctor's office, and after talking 20 minutes, being cut off once,
and transferred once, I got satisfaction. The girly said that from
my file, it looked like that is NOT a routine test, and the doctor
would issue a corrected diagnosis code to the lab. She even
called back after she talked to the lab, saying it was a done deal.
And when I got home, the lab had sent me a form to fill out for
secondary insurance. So I'll be calling THEM tomorrow.

#1 son is at the rescheduled Valentine's Dance at this moment,
not dancing. I told him to tell his little girlfriend, "I can't dance,
but I will stand on the dance floor with you so you can dance
and it will look like I'm participating."

My mom is doing well with her SURGICALLY-REPAIRED
PINKY FINGER. She is still up to her thrifty tricks, what with
sending me a red styrofoam plate in a bag of goodies the other
day, 'goodies' meaning coupons, a note how to get $5 off the
next cake I order, and said styrofoam plate. This afternoon I
went by her house, and she offered me some ketchup she had
sitting upside down to drain out every last drop. Then she said,
"Well, I can get another bottle out of the pantry for you."
I asked her if it was 4 years old, citing her Expired Ranch
Dressing Faux Pas in which I think she planned to poison me.
She didn't think so.

We are deep into 3rd Quarter now, there's no turning back.
Graduation has been set, the MAP test is in sight, and we are
all sick of each other. Yep. Everthing is right on schedule.

The school year is almost over, you know.


Cazzie!!! said...

Nope, the school year is in first term here for us (winks). A hot time indeed, and a dry time too with the drought we are experiencing.
Poor HHB, hope he is better soon, tell him to make sure he drinks lots of water, hydrate himself and all that. Too bad the insurance are such pains in the B-hind!!!
Your son can still look cool on that dancefloor, so long as he dresses like the Fonze and sways like him :)

MrsCoach2U said...

Football season- check

Basketball season-check

Baseball season- no check but we don't have 2 crucial things for baseball season a team or a field so we don't have to check that one

Fishing season- around the corner!

Teacher at our house driving us nuts with preparing the camper, boat and lawnmower- CHECK!!!!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Day 3 off work for HH. He whined this evening, "I don't know if to eat or not eat. I feel sick if I eat. I haven't eaten anything all day." So after telling him to go check into the hospital if he can't even make a decision, I said, "You didn't eat ANYTHING all day?" And HH said, "Well...just two waffles, two donuts, and some cheese." Pardon me for not showing him more sympathy. Paybacks for 16 years worth of this crap are a b*tch, ain't they HH?

My son danced 3 dances, but told me 'one'. My secret source filled me in. I don't want to embarrass him by blogging about it.

Thank the Gummi Mary that you don't have the baseball paraphernalia! And now I have to google the correct spelling of paraphernalia.