Thursday, February 08, 2007

Benjamins For Jack

Did I mention that I put HH on a cash diet? I am weaning him
away from the debit card because he was not responsible.
Hiding receipts for two weeks, then writing a stack of them
in the checkbook was starting to PISS ME OFF. So I gave
him cash. I asked how much he needed per week, and then
gave him that plus $20.

I did the same for myself, which has worked out so far, but
it's only Thursday night, and I still have Friday to go, with the
royal sum of $3 left. Hey! That's enough for a Sonic Cherry
Diet Coke! And the allowance starts again on Friday evening,
heh heh. I would have done better, but I had to pay for my
driver's license renewal this week, which set me back $20.
And I had to fork over $12 to HH because he whined about
picking up $12 of Chinese food last night.

That goshdarn HH! Isn't a man supposed to support his family?
Why am I footing the bill for supper? Can he not pay a portion
of it? Oh, and HH does not have to drag two sucking bottomless
pits of buymebuymebuyme young 'uns with him everywhere he
goes. So I don't think I did too bad on my budget.

I am thinking of installing a LoJack on my youngest son. That
boy is never where he's supposed to be. Monday, there was
the heartstopping 'didn't get off the bus here' faux pas. An hour
later, my aunt called me in my STAY-AFTER-THE-FACULTY-
if I wanted her to drive him from Basementia to my building. I
told her yes. I found him 20 minutes later. I asked if Auntie had
dropped him off at the front door. "Uh huh." I usually park in
the back. He said he thought I had already left, but he went
and sat in my room to see if I was going to come get him. But
yesterday, a teacher in Lower Basementia, on the other side of
the library from me, said, "I could just keep your little #2 son.
That boy is so sweet! When I drove him over there Monday,
he was as cute as could be." WHAT? He didn't tell me she
drove him. I thought my aunt drove him. I guess that boy would
go with anybody. Not that I have any objection to this teacher
bringing him. She is on my 100% trust list. But that boy should
have told me.

Today was the little dude's Book Club after school. I asked him
about it all week. The school reminded the kids yesterday. This
morning we talked about it all the way to school. But at 3:13,
there he was in Lower Basementia, saying, "I forgot about my
Book Club." I had to drive him back over there so he could at
least attend half the meeting.

I want a fancy LoJack. One with a remote control that can
administer a small shock when the boy is not in the expected
location. He's gotta learn somehow.

Anybody got some spare change to donate to the LoJack Fund?

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