Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Mansion In Winter

Happy snow day! We were a bit surprised, what with only rain
this morning until 9:55. We were up, we made a trip to town, we
thought the weathermen were wrong again...and then it started.
Five minutes of sleet, and then these GIGANTIC snowflakes.
They fell for about 20 minutes, then we had some flurries for a
few hours. It is slicker than snot out there. We are off again on

Here are the huge flakes. As big as hamsters, I read on the
weather blog for Channel 2 in St. Louis. I have never seen
snowflakes so big in all my extensive years.

Here is the view from the kitchen door, off the back deck.
Watch your step! It's a 10-foot drop.

Here is the front yard. Behold the 5th-wheel camper in all its
glory. The poor lilac bush and the yucca are not faring so well
this winter.

Here's HH's pimp car. It's a 1980 Olds Toronado. Copper
colored, with spoke wheels. It was free from his boss, when
the boss's dad passed away. It runs and everything. HH drives
it every couple of weeks. My sister-the-mayor's-wife is the
one who named it the 'pimp car'. She said she would never
ride in it. That's OK. HH has never asked her.

When HH got home, he fired up the Scout and pulled the boys
around the field on their plastic toboggans. They crouched on
their knees, holding ropes to keep the front ends up, and waved
as he drove by the house. They looked like waterskiers. Except
they were on their knees on plastic toboggans, in a snowy field,
wearing camouflage coveralls and sock caps, being pulled by
a Scout. Otherwise, just like waterskiers.

I watched some ER this morning on TBS, then went out to gape
at the falling snow and pet the dogs, who thought the world was
ending, then washed a sinkful of dishes, then made a pot of chili,
then baked a birthday Oreo cake for #2 son's birthday on Thursday,
then made lunch for the boys, then made lunch for myself, then
retired to my computer for a while, then baked some corn muffins
to go with the chili, because HH says they go together, but I'd
never heard of it, then watched the beginning of White Chicks
with HH, even though we've both seen it, and I think I have it on
DVD, then started this post.

And now I'm done. It's MTV night at the Mansion. One of the
two nights I regularly watch TV. Make that three, now. Sunday,
Thursday, and the new MTV Tuesday night line-up.

I'm sure I should be doing something else, but I don't care.
Tomorrow is another snow day.


Stacy said...

That's a hot car. And, what's up with the two barbecues? One for domesticated animals, and the other for non-domesticated animals?

Chickadee said...

I think you got bigger snowflakes than we did up here in St. Louis. It began snowing around 9ish here. My boss called me yesterday and told me to stay home...so I got a snow day too! Woot!

Enjoy your Wednesday snow day too! :)

MamaKBear said...

Been snowing off and on since last night here in OKC...but they're just itty bitty flakes and so far nothing is sticking.

The kiddos here don't need any more snow days...they're already talking about canceling a couple of days of Spring Break to make up for days off during the ice storm.

Happy Valentine's Day, and Happy Birthday to #2 son tomorrow if I don't get by! Save me some of that Oreo cake!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Doesn't everybody have two Webers? I don't recall how we got two of them, but HH uses them both when he's got chicken to grill as well as faster-cooking stuff.

I think you got more snow, but we got bigger snow. Not that size counts...

We've already lost President's Day, and now have 3 days tacked on in May. I don't mind. I prefer to have the snow days. I'll save that Oreo cake as long as I can. He's also getting a 1/4 sheet cake with Scooby Doo on it. We plan to let him eat cake.