Saturday, February 24, 2007

Snort, Cough, Cough

I certainly hope HH is happy now. I have caught the plague that
he has carried into the Mansion. It started on Thursday, with the
headache and nausea, after a night of 3 hours sleep due to the
hacking and recliner-riding of HH, the plague carrier.

Do I get 4 days off from work, to lie about the Mansion, whining
and simpering about how bad I feel? NO! That's why I have a
blog. Did I visit the doctor and get antibiotics and a hydrocodone
derivative? NO! But I had my mom ask for one of the two.

I get to spend my weekend weak as a waterlogged kitten, with
not even the pleasure of my longtime companion, Sonic Cherry
Diet Coke. He hurts my throat, so I've given him up until I feel
better. Or until I have some Hot & Sour Soup. Because that
stuff will kill me without my Sonic Cherry Diet Coke to put out
the hot. I have found the soup to be good for what ails me. I
had some on Thursday night, and again on Friday night. Perhaps
I will try some tomorrow, if I feel like driving to town.

Oh, and I am still expected to do the household chores and
pay the bills and make sure the young 'uns are fed and watered.
#2 son had to miss school Thursday because he thrashed all
night with a fever. Hmm...wonder where he picked that up?
My mom picked him up at my classroom before school. She
asked if he thought they should go by McDonalds for some
pancakes. He looked at her through his glassy eyes, and said
earnestly, "Yes. I think so." He is doing better now, thanks to
me doping him with Children's Tylenol Cough Plus Fever, or
one of those variations.

This morning, #1 son came down with it. He crawled back in
bed until 12:30. And he asked for an acetaminophen, which
he never does, because he's a big ol' baby and has to have
them cut in half or he can't swallow them. HH went to work
this morning. From 7:00 to 11:00. WooHoo! He's settin' the
world on fire! He's a regular Trump, it seems.

I didn't go to bowling this afternoon. I got to do the grocery
shopping, bill mailing, laundry, and dish washing. I have been
drinking lots of water and running my electric space heater
under my computer desk to soothe my aching muscles. HH
has been bellowing about this and that, so it seems that he's
on the mend.

My mom went to the doctor Friday, and I had her ask him
to call me in a prescription for sweet, sweet Histinex. They are
good about that stuff. Plus, they sent me that $60 rebate check
a couple weeks ago. I don't know why. I don't recall paying them
anything extra. But I'm on guard in case the want to lop off a pinky
finger sometime in the future. I picked up my sweet, sweet Histinex
Friday evening. He is now sitting in the kitchen cupboard, on call
for when I need him. I figure it will be Sunday night or Monday.
I'm in the snotty, throat-closing-up stage now, so I figure the
wheezing and hacking aren't far off. It's good to be prepared.
With this new schedule of mine this year, I've found that everything
is closed for lunch during my plan time. It is really difficult to carry
on the war with the insurance company, or contact the doctor or
any other business during 12:15 to 1:05.

It's going to be a long week.

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