Sunday, February 04, 2007

Masters Of Trivia

We are the champions, we are the champions...of the TRIVIA!

Yes, we finally won one. Mabel, let this be a lesson to you. Plus,
we had Chex Mix. It was still good. Nobody kicked the bucket
after consuming it. Our secret weapon pulled this one out. He
earned us 8 (count 'em: eight!) points in the Sports category.
Without this former student, we would have only gotten 2. Oh,
and I redeemed myself from costing us the tying and winning
points last time, because this time I knew that a black-and-white
horse is a piebald. Not a pinto. Not a palomino. Great Googley
Moogley! Have these people never read National Velvet? The
Pie was the star of that story, and that's what he was: a piebald.

Let me fill you in on some of the questions. Some of the ones
that our team missed. No fair googling for the answers. We did
not have that luxury. They will appear at the end, so if you want to
play along, stop reading until you have your answers. I will give
you one from each category. Out of the 100 questions, we won
with a score of 63. That's nothing to brag about, except that
WE WON!!!!

Television: Where did the Jetsons live?
Music: What was the name of Buddy Holly's backup singers?
Sports: How long is the Indianapolis Speedway?
Caricatures: Can't draw it. Could you tell the difference between
Bob Hope and Kelsey Grammer in a creepy drawing? So here's
a bonus History question: Which First Lady was known as the
'Steel Magnolia'?
History: What did Michael Jackson say in his vows to Lisa Marie
Presley instead of "I do" ?
Movies: How many James Bond movies were released during
the writer's lifetime?
Animals: What is the name for a fox's tail?
People: Who said, "Houston, we have a problem" ?
Sound Alikes: Use the sounds of these words to make a common
phrase--'near, though, float.' (may or may not be in proper order)
Miscellaneous: What word can be used to represent an island,
a sweater, and a potato?

We had some issues. The grader graded ours wrong one round.
She forgot to count the age of John Kennedy's assassin within
two years. The right answer was 24. We said 27. Mr. H went
up and told them to take off a point. We don't need to cheat
to win, heh heh. Our main opponents went crybabying up to
complain about their score. I know they got an extra point one
time. The other time didn't work. A 'mandrill' is a monkey. They
answered 'primate' and wanted it counted right. I beg to differ.
Are humans not also classified as primates? Anyhoo, they didn't
get the point. We didn't either. We said it was a bird.

And now, for the correct answers to your little Trivia quiz...
1. Orbit City (se said Sprocket City)
2. The Crickets (we said The Flextones)
3. 2.5 miles (we said 1.5 miles)
4. Rosalynn Carter (I knew, but was voted down in favor of
Eleanor Roosevelt, who was neither steel, nor a flowering tree)
5. "Why not?" (we said "I will")
6. 2 (we said 3)
7. A brush (we said whip)
8. John Glenn (we said Gus Grissom)
9. Ear, Nose, Throat (we said Row Your Boat)
10. Jersey (we disagree, as we've never heard of a jersey potato)

Did you score higher than 63%? Could you have beaten us?

It was an enjoyable evening, though I don't think the 2nd place
team appreciated our stomping and chanting "We Will Rock You",
OR our rendition of "We Are The Champions". Perhaps they are
just not big Queen fans. It is the midwest, after all. We have also
requested that the Band teacher (who sponsored this contest as
a fundraiser) have the winners announced over the intercom at
Basementia every hour all week. I told my Math teacher buddy
that I will frame our answer sheet and hang it on the wall between
our rooms, with a note that a CHAMPION Trivia teamer works
in my room. She said, "And I will RIP IT DOWN!"

I'd better make several.


Chickadee said...

Oh, those are hard questions! I'm glad you won! Woot!

MrsCoach2U said...

I only got the fox tail right. You must be soooooo glad I'm not on your team! I'd smarten up though for Chex Mix, I LUV Chex Mix!

Hillbilly Mom said...

This batch was kind of hard. Usually, we score around 75. The other winners usually get into the upper 80s.

I hear the Chex Mix can raise the IQ 10 points. Not really. But in case I decide to sell it from my home, I'm promoting it early.

Imma ( Alice) said...

WTG! Guess this somewhat weakens the theory that hillbillies are dumb, huh. :o) I'm great at some things... trivia is not one of them!

Stewed Hamm said...

Caricatures and sound alikes are trvia now? Feh, that crap would never fly if Alex Trebek was running the show.

Hillbilly Mom said...

For statistical purposes, I must issue the disclaimer that I WAS playing against other hillbillies. At least I knew that the caricature of Paul McCartney was not a woman.

If Alex Trebek was running the show, I would have to get Sean Connery (the Darrell Hammond version) to play on my team.