Friday, December 01, 2006

Bah! Humbug!

This is my mood today. We are still without power. I am
guest blogging courtesy of my Hillbilly Mama's computer.
Thank the Gummi Mary she has power. And an internet
connection. And a fireplace.

AmerenUE reports that it may be 4 or 5 days or more
until all power is restored. I am not a happy camper.
I am a displaced camper. HH is staying at the Mansion
tonight. I think he will freeze to death, but what can you
do? He will not listen to the voice of reason...which is MOI.
HH has fired up the kerosene heater that he hauled over
from the barn. He is planning to sleep with it in the Mansion
basement, rotating from couch to recliner. If the cold doesn't
kill him, I'm sure carbon monoxide poisoning will. Just call
me Mary Poppins. I'm an eternal optimist.

Here is what I heard last night as I was sitting in the living
room, NOT watching ER.

It WAS a tree in the front yard, right beside the 5th-wheel
camper that has been parked there for the last 8 years.

It fell right beside the pole that runs the electric to our
house. We had quite an adventure this morning, trying
to get to town. Let's just say it took 4 routes and two
hours for a 20-minute trip. Because A LOT of other trees
played this snapping and crashing game across the roads.
Oh, and if that wasn't enough, two of the four low-water
bridges were flooded, too.

Here is #1 son's $200 car. Yes, it has a tree across the
back end. Right behind it is the Dean Truck, but you
can't see it because it is entirely under a tree. It is the
truck my step-grandpa left to HH, which HH has planned
to fix up to enter in car shows...for the past 8 years. The
boy says that there is not much weight from the trees on
the vehicles. We don't want to mess with them while there
are still plenty of icy limbs that could crash down.

Here is the sight that greeted us this morning as we tried
to make it to town, to the sanctuary of my Hillbilly Mama's
house. Only the road was more frozen, and it was darker
at 6:00 a.m. This was taken around 2:30 p.m., after she
brought me back to get my large SUV...which wasn't even
home because HH had taken it to work. More on that later.
This is our neighbor's barn. A steep, curvy hill lies behind it.

On the way out of our property was this winter wonderland.
It kind of gives me hope that tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Tomorrow I can tell you about today's trip to the ER. And
about the generator that we used to have.


aka_Meritt said...


Yes I know it's cold and the roads are slippery and the weight of the ice snaps the power lines and everyone has to live without power for 3 days...



deadpanann said...

It looks like my place post-Katrina, except with snow.

Hope it melts soon and you get your power back.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I agree, it is a winter wonderland. It was really beautiful when the sun came out, and each icy twig turned into a prism, spraying out rainbow colors.

Miss Ann,
Over half of it melted today. The power is still a waiting game. Rumor had it that a truckload of generators arrived from Mississippi, and the people were SO NICE to sell them for $1000 apiece, and gave a FEMA phone number and said FEMA would reimburse you for $800 if you bought a generator. I heard that when a woman called in to the radio station, and my BS detector started screaming. I have had dealings with FEMA when I worked for the unemployment office, and FEMA does not do anything so simply. Besides, we have not even been declared a disaster area. Then people found out when they called the number that there was no such deal. I hope nobody but that one woman bought one. A later caller said he saw the truckloaders, and the county sheriff and city police were talking to them.

Miss Ann, were you flexing your entrepreneurial skills this afternoon?

deadpanann said...

HBMOM-- no, no no! Not me! I've seen how easily those people get busted-- it's just always after the fact. I was getting my hair cut one day in a chair next to a FEMA investigator who was here because of the number of people who lied to get help after the hurricane. All those people thought they were getting away with that money, but I think most of them got caught in the end.

It's always something said on a radio station that starts the chaos-- that's how the gas shortage got started here after the storm. Some idiots started talking about stations running out of gas, and caused a rush on the gas stations.

It sucks that people are so ready to rip you off when you're a little on the desperate side. I guess the old cliche is true: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Miss Ann,
Good to know you are refraining from making money off our little disaster because IT IS SO EASY TO GET CAUGHT! ;)

I can't believe people fall for things like that. I suppose it's because they are too trusting, or uneducated. But then again, some of the uneducated are way smart enough to perpetrate the scams that get them money they don't deserve from the government.