Sunday, December 03, 2006

More Of The Same

72 hours and counting on the power outage. We are still
freeloading at my Hillbilly Mama's house. I have been trying
to find out if we have school tomorrow. I am not at my home
number, so the emergency phone tree will break its branch
at my number. The news station that they report it to is
not dependable right now, due to football. Their website
is a new-looking thingy, and does not have the 'school closings'
listing like they used to. I am forcing the boys to take baths
and go to bed at a reasonable hour anyway. They are not
happy freeloaders.

I am also trying to find my estimated repair time at the
AmerenUE website, but you need the information off your
bill for that. Duh. I don't carry my electric bill account
number with me. I don't think HH could find it with a map
of directions and a promise that it was taped to a pot of gold.

HH has thrown out most of the refrigerator contents. What
was left in the freezer is still in question. He put it into the
newly-emptied deep freeze and wheeled it out onto the back
porch. I'm sure it froze solid last night and will stay so through
tonight. I'm not sure about yesterday when the temp soared
to 38 degrees. I will probably end up throwing it out. The boys
and I have been eating what we brought out here from the
deep freeze.

HH is spending tonight at the Mansion again with his faithful
kerosene heater. I was there today, and the temp was about
50 degrees. I think he will survive if he doesn't breathe too
much CO. That's carbon monoxide to all of you who are not
ex-science teachers.

I really hate being out of my routine. I would hate it more if
I had to stay in the Frozen Mansion. My poor Hillbilly Mama
will need a long time to recover from our visit. The boys are
loving it.

WooHoo! Our superintendent was just on the radio. No school
tomorrow. We will try for Tuesday. I don't know why I'm so
happy. I will probably still be spending tomorrow night here.
Another WooHoo! HH found the electrical information. I am
off to their website to see what I can find.

Mabel just called. Poor Mabel. She spent two nights in a cold
dark house. She should have called me sooner. She is now at
a secret location with power and running water. I will catch
up with her Tuesday, I suppose.

Hmm...the AmerenUE site says that our outage started at
3:43 a.m. Friday, which is a big fat lie. It started at 6:45
Thursday evening. I think I would know. I missed all my
shows on my best TV night. Anyhoo...the site also says
85 homes are affected on our line, the reason is unknown,
and there is no estimated repair time. That means they have
not even been out to look at the lines, because everybody
can see the one house with a line down in the cow pasture.
According to HH, who does know about electricity, because
that is a part of his job, Ameren could cut off that one house,
reset a breaker, and the rest of us would have power. I have
a feeling they are not going to ask for his opinion.

Good luck to Colleen, who is also out of the juice, and anyone
else who's in the same boat with us.


LanternLight said...

I'm looking forward to the "When HM was younger, we used to harvest squirrel ear-wax for candles" post.


Right about now, the BB2 cave must look inviting...

Hillbilly Mom said...

Ooh! I miss the BB2 cave. Didn't we all have a grand time there?

I've never harvested squirrel ear-wax for candles. I've tried to rescue a ground squirrel (chipmunk) by putting him in a tree. Don't try it. Doesn't work. He could tell you himself, if he wasn't DEAD from the cat knocking him out of the tree so the other cat could eat him.

Last year at Christmas, my brother-in-law-the-mayor and I discussed ear-candling, which I think is rolling up a piece of paper, sticking it in your ear, and lighting it to draw out the wax. It may be called something else, but that's what he was talking about.