Thursday, December 07, 2006

Generating Some Christmas Cheer

Tonight is the #2 son's Christmas Program at school. We
found out last night. It was rescheduled from one of the snow
days. He also had his Reading Club after school today. So
we've been kind of busy. We picked up some medicine after
school, then headed to my Hillbilly Mama's house for an hour
and a half. She's a good way station in the journey of our lives.

HH has cooked up a new plan for emergencies. Perhaps I told
you about this yesterday. I really can't remember. He was
planning to get a giant generator to run the whole house. I
was not so thrilled. The kind he wants costs $5000. We are
not Wal*Mart, or a hospital, or NORAD. We don't need any
generator that big. They only run on propane or natural gas,
anyway. I don't go for that.

Last night HH bought two electric fireplace thingies at Lowes.
He SAID they were on clearance, and he saved a couple hundred
dollars. That HH. He has a nose for 'bargains'. He also has a nose
for money. I had no sooner put my Christmas bonus in the bank
than he went and spent a couple hundred over it. And HH didn't
even know I got a Christmas bonus. We don't get them every
year. This has been a recent development over the last few years.
I swear, it was like HH was psychic. Money out. Now
he's planning on getting a smaller generator that he saw on sale
somewhere else. He figures we can heat the house with the
generator and electric fireplaces. We have one in our basement
already, and it looks nice. I'm not sure I want one upstairs, but
it looks like I don't have much choice.

While I'm on the subject of HH...did you know that he left the
heater running in the Free Hairwad Hot Tub last night? This
from the man who used to put the water heater on a timer last
summer to conserve energy. Pity the poor fool who slept in and
wanted a shower, or to wash dishes after 6:00 a.m. That's the
time HH leaves for work. Obviously nobody has a life during the
time he's at work. I put a stop to that pretty quick, right after
my first cold shower. But we can run a heater on a free hot tub
all night when the temperature is 12 degrees. Go figure!
We wouldn't want the hairwad to catch a chill.

Time is running short. I must prepare the boy for his Christmas
Program. He has a little dress shirt and tie, with a vest. He dug
out his churchy shoes, as he calls them. Too bad he'll have to
wear blue socks with black pants. HH took the clothes out to
the large SUV last night so we wouldn't forget them. Oh, he was
not being all touchy-feely sweet to do that. I had asked him to.
But he never does anything after ONE telling-to. I searched the
Mansion high and low for 30 minutes last night for those clothes.
At 11:30, I gave up and woke HH to ask him. Whew! I thought
they were gone for good.

Now we're off to see Kookaburra's Christmas Down Under.


Chickadee said...

Hope the Xmas program went well.

Be careful with all of those fireplace thingies and potentially the generator...that carbon monoxide stuff can be a biotch, if you know what I mean.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Better than in past years.

The fireplace thingies are electric, since I don't want any natural gas or propane because I'm paranoid about the CO and explosions. HH plans to put the generator in the detached garage with a vent to the outside, and use it to run the electric fireplaces if the power goes off.