Monday, December 04, 2006

Genius-Slapping Morons

That's the name of my Scrabble team: Genius-Slapping
Morons. HH and I were forced to play the boys and their
grandma. They chose the names. Well, they chose their
name of "Geniuses" and declared HH and I were the
"Morons". So we were forced to amend it a bit. Then the
#2 son declared we were the "Dum Dum Genius-Slapping
Morons". Whatever. We spanked them. Not literally. We
didn't find it that appalling that we were given such a name.
Though I'm not above spanking my kids as the need arises.
No, what I mean is that we beat them. Not literally. I think
there's a law against child-beating, though not child-spanking.
What I'm trying to say is that the final score was 316 to 142.
Our last play of 42 points, with the word "wove" in the lower
left corner of the board, on the "triple word score" discouraged
the competition. They forfeited with about 12 letters left in the
game. Hehe! I beat an 8-year-old, an 11-year-old, and a little
old lady. Oh. I had a partner. But it was HH. I think it was a
fair handicap. HH was the letter-drawer. He done good. He
got all the high-point letters. We had the J, Z, Q trifecta.

In other news, we had a moment of hope when the power came
on at the Mansion around 5:15. It was short-lived, however,
when it went off again after about 2 minutes. I guess that means
another day without power. And another day without school.
Mabel heard it from the horse's mouth that we will definitely
be going back to school on Wednesday. I will prepare myself.

Since my doctor's appointment Friday was canceled, I called
this morning at 9:00 to report that I could make it any time
if they had a cancellation. WooHoo! They had one at 10:15,
so off I went. Hey! There was only a 15-minute wait today,
compared to the usual 2 hours. This no-power thingy must
agree with me. Blood pressure: 110/72. Which is good for me.

The high point of the day was driving through the automatic
car wash. Later this evening, I will be checking eBay in a quest
to get a life.


Redneck Diva said...

Okay, my life that I didn't buy on eBay is now complete once more. I have caught up on all of your adventures, Hillbilly Mom.

I was stuck in my house from 9:30 Wednesday morning until finally on Sunday night I was begging, pleading and crying for my husband to "take me somewhere, anywhere, just don't make me stay in this house another minute." Yes, those were my exact words and I am not exaggerating about the begging and pleading. I was nutso deluxo.

He took me to a casino. I now love him again.

The kids were out of school again yesterday (Monday), but praise the Lord, they went back today. I was fearin' for their lives.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I had to cancel my casino trip on Sunday. I got out of my mom's house every chance I could. The roads were fine here in town, nothing on them at all. I went to Wal*Mart, which was sold out of milk and buns. I went to Sonic every day for half-price Cherry Diet Cokes for all of us. I went to the doctor. I went to get the mail at the Mansion.

We return to school on Wednesday. There were still a lot of limbs down around the Basementia building when I sent my mom and #1 to pick up my check today. I was busy going to Save-A-Lot to buy food to replace what we had to throw out because HH opened up the refrigerator doors instead of putting stuff in the garage or car to stay cool.