Thursday, November 30, 2006

Power Out

Our power has been out for the last hour. I don't have much hope of getting it back for the next several days. My #1 son was kind enough to loan me his laptop for this post. It will be the last one until we get power again. Just my luck, we get out of school, and I have no power.

Oh, and in case I haven't mentioned it...our Mansion is all-electric. Right now, my Hillbilly Mama has power. She also has a fireplace. We might try to 'visit' her tomorrow.

Enough for now. Buh bye.


Chickadee said...

Ohhhh Hillbilly Momma, I'm so sorry. They said at least 52,000 houses had no electricity.

Are you getting lightening and thunder? I've seen a few flashes of lightening, but that's it...for now.

Guess I was wrong in taking this storm lightly. I think I jinxed us. Oops.

Hope you get your electricity back sooner than you think. It sure is cold without it!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Umm...people around here reported hearing and seeing trees cracking and transformers exploding, but no thunder and lightening. It was REALLY cold when we woke up the next morning. It's been 27 hours not without power, and we're still waiting.