Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ain't Good Enough

Yesterday, another teacher came into my room to ask me a
math question. It happens every now and then. She always
leaves with more knowledge than when she entered. She hasn't
stumped me yet. But yesterday, Mabel was in my room. It's the
holiday season, you know. Nobody is where they should be.
Though I will vouch for Mabel that she doesn't have a class
during the time she visits. comes the teacher. She spots Mabel, and completely
ignores me. I might as well not even have been in the room. It was
only a question about dividing fractions. I could do it in my sleep,
without even using my fingers and toes, or cutting up pieces of a
pie. I am quite comfortable dividing fractions. But NOOOO! I
was not needed. I was superfluous. I went unrecognized. I was
not good enough.

I was the...
Hydrox when she wanted an Oreo
Sam's Choice Cola when she wanted a Coke
Chevy Cavalier when she wanted a Ferarri
Pong when she wanted a PS3
Slim Jim when she wanted filet mignon
roadie when she wanted Ted Nugent
Leroy Neiman when she wanted Jackson Pollock
O.J. Simpson when she wanted Charles Manson
Clay Aiken when she wanted Garth Brooks

I don't get no respect. Just because she treated me like that,
I reminded her of the time we were all having lunch in the
cafeteria, and a music teacher from another building came
in and asked her something that she really could not be
expected to know. She said, "I'm not sure. Why are you
asking me?" And the music teacher said, "Well, you're a
cook in this building, aren't you?" Hahahaha! I thought that
was pretty funny, since she had been teaching here about
5 years at that point. I called her 'cookie' the rest of the
day. Because that's the kind of gal I am. It's the button to
push to get her going. "If I was a cook, what was I doing
sitting there eating during LUNCH?" she demanded. I had
no answer for her.

I must go wrap some Christmas bounty for my young'uns.
They are going bowling with their father tonight, which means
they will eat fried bowling-alley food and play video games
and run around fighting with each other. I know it's a sacrifice,
but they are willing to do it so they can get some gifts under
the tree by Christmas morning. Aren't they selfless?


Chickadee said...

How rude! I wonder if that teacher knew how rude she was being! Hmph!

A few years ago I worked for a place and the receptionist went on vacation and everyone who came in was like "Where's Cathy? WHere's Cathy? We miss Cathy!"

A co-worker finally blew her lid after a bunch of that and said to a customer "Well, what are we??? Chopped liver???"

The customer fumbled for a reply.

Kinda like're not chopped liver!

I dunno, that's what floated in my head as I read your post.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I think she didn't get the point. She didn't think she was being rude. She's like that. You know how cooks are.

Thanks for telling me I'm not chopped liver. It ranks right up there with the student who told me last week, "Just because you're old doesn't mean you smell like feet."