Friday, December 08, 2006

Sonny Went A-Singin'...Uh-huh.

No, you're not crazy. There are no pictures to go with these
comments. I removed them after I thought all the regular readers
had a chance to see them. You snooze, you lose, here at the
Mansion. If I had taken the pictures, I would have zoomed in
on my boy. HH took them. I figure I shouldn't be posting pics
of other people's kids who appear incidentally next to my kid.

Here are some pictures from
last night's premiere of
Kookaburra's Christmas Down
Under. Perhaps the backdrop
was not so flashy as some plays

The performers eagerly
entered, stage left. That's my
boy in the white shirt and vest.

Gotta clear those sinuses
before the songs begin.

My blood ran cold when I
spied this expression. I feared
a repeat of the Kindergarten
Christmas Program Faux Pas.
Make that Faux Pases, if that's
the correct plural form.

Thank the Gummi Mary, his
battery ran down, just like my
cell phone, which had been left
in the OH SO COLD large SUV
for an hour.

Wait a minute! What's the
director doing? She seems to
be passing out whackers to the
performers! Good boy. You're
merely an arsonist, not a stab-
happy thug.

That's it. It's a microphone.
Belt it out, young 'un. The
energy level of the group
seems to have dropped.

Let's do it again next year!

I won't leave the photos here long. I don't want to have
other people's kids posted when they had no choice in
the matter.


Echo said...

Nice to see things are exactly the same all over!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Ain't it the truth?

Mish said...

Haha I feel strangely patriotic seeing ye old Australian flag up there.

Your son is so so cute! I love his smirk, it speaks volumes.

deadpanann said...

That little girl in the photo where he's looking mischievous looks like she's about to...well I don't know what she looks like she's about to do. What does she look like she's about to do, Hillbilly Mom?

Hillbilly Mom said...

There was a bunch of info on the program. Maybe I'll post is to see if it's true.

Miss Ann,
Well, she looks like she's about to blast off into space, or like a kid behind her gave her the Christmas goose, but most of all, she looks like she was just SHOCKED. Which is a whole other story which I shall blog about now.