Sunday, December 17, 2006


I am spitting mad at my #1 son right now. 45 minutes ago,
I sat down to type my boring little post for today. He
wheedled until I looked up some Wii information. Oh,
that's because he's doing a re-install of Windows XP on
HIS computer because it is messed up. He blames his
little brother for that, even though all he was doing was
playing 'Civilization IV'. He calls it civilization iv, like you
get an IV in the hospital. Anyhoo, after looking at Wiis for
30 minutes, my computer will not do anything except
play dumb. I told the boy I did not want to go to those
sites, but he did everything but grab the mouse out of
my hand. Because I did a good deed for my child, my
toy is broken.

I can connect to internet, but can not go to any sites.
It says 'not found' on EVERY site I try. Darn that boy!
I've been running Windows ME for years, and have not
had this problem except when clearing the cache fixed
it. He's already tried that, and also threw out the cookies.
Right now he's running SpyBot. I'll get even with him
for this, mark my words. I think I just got a new laptop
today. The one I'm typing on right now. It can be mine
until he fixes my old dinosaur.

I had a clever post ready to compose. It was all in my
head. Now my head is all befuddled with the trauma
of losing my only source of happiness. OK, maybe that's
going a bit too far. But it's very close to the truth. He
may not like the consequences, but I have a bit of news
for my boy:

LAPPY is mine!

He can darn well figure out what he's done to mine and
fix it if he ever hopes to hold LAPPY in his loving arms
again. It's not nice to mess with an old lady's technology.


WooHoo! I fixed it! You hear me people? IIIIIIIII fixed it,
not my resident computer genius. Never underestimate the
power of a system restore. I went back 3 days from where
he had tried it, just because I had no other ideas, AND IT
WORKED!!! Heehee! The sun even shines on an idiot's
butt some days. Here's the proof.


LanternLight said...

My single best bit of advice for people running Windows XP?

Create a non-administrator account for everyday work, and use it.
Only have an Administrator account for installing software.

This is what I do at home, and it works a treat.

At work, I don't, but I'm using Windows Vista, which in theory SHOULD stop me doing silly Administrator-like things.

Hillbilly Mom said...

My computer genius is having a terrible time with his XP. Now he has no sound, and his backup disc is scratched, and his C-drive was formatted as well as his D-drive, and I can't remember all the other stuff. He is calling support tomorrow for another disc. My boy needs sound, I tell you! He can't find the driver on the innernets. At least he still has LAPPY to tide him over. And he has most of his stuff on some flash drives.