Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Just Because

No time tonight to post some original poetry or essays from my
authentic writing venture with my students. We went to Ci Ci's Pizza
for #1 son's actual birthday. He did not get the begged-for Razr.
His behavior has been less than exemplary these past few months.
Perhaps if it improves, Santa will instruct his elves to make a last-
minute gift. He also thinks he's getting a Wii. Silly boy. Why would
I get him a Wii to tell his little brother, "I have a Wii...AND YOU
DON'T!" ? He can not see the forest for the trees, that boy.

In lieu of the half-promised student creations, I shall substitute my
spur-of-the-moment composition used as an example of a "Just
because..." poem. Please bear in mind I whipped this out on the
white board in orange dry-erase marker while my students heckled
me with ideas. I sacrifice my dignity each day to whip the class into
a frenzy of participation. Here it is, in all its gory glory:


Just because I'm old...
Don't think I drive slowly
Don't think I invented the wheel
Don't think I use a Wal*Mart cart as a walker

Just because I'm old...
Doesn't mean I don't know what you're up to
Doesn't mean I'm old enough to know better
Doesn't mean I can't have fun

Just because I'm old...
Don't think I don't watch MTV
Don't think I won't get your jokes
Don't think I knit shawls

Just because I'm old, respect my authority.


Haha! That was for my 3rd Hour class, the language class. I hope
you didn't expect too much. I'm not an actual English teacher. My
background is in science. I have to rush out of this class for Lower
Basementia, so I left it on the board. I got tied up with a low-toner
copier this morning (not literally, because they kind of frown on that
type of thing what with a little window in the door of the teacher
workroom so that students can peep in) and had to rush around
to get my stuff ready. My little poem was still on the board when
1st Hour came in. I could hear them whispering while I stood sentry
in the hall. Each time I glanced around the corner, one of them had
a hand poised over my markers. I keep them on my desk because
that discourages students from writing thingies on the board without
permission. Most of them respect the desk territory. I shouted into
the room, "WHAT?" The McDonald's worker said, "Umm...we
were going to add to your poem." Then they blurted out their ideas.
"Just because I'm old doesn't mean my social security number is 1."
"Just because I'm old doesn't mean I died when you said act my age."
"Just because I'm old doesn't mean I'm boring."

Everybody has to get into the act.


deadpanann said...

Those are good! "Doesn't mean I died when you said act my age" I never heard that one before!

Chickadee said...

LMAO...I don't know which is funnier...the poem or the "add ons" from the students.


Hillbilly Mom said...

Miss Ann,
My students told me that joke every day for a week. If I wasn't so senile, it might have bothered me.

They inspire me, my little DoNots.