Saturday, December 30, 2006

Spanking Airline Paint Job

Ho hum. I need some stimulation of some kind. I am bored. So
now you will be bored. The high point of my day was watching
Growing Up Gotti. Those boys need a good spanking.

I also enjoyed the drama of the Airline series. Except that today,
the drama was manufactured by the camera. Oh! A woman is
crying too much to board the plane! She had two beers! Don't
let her on. Something bad might happen in the air! The airline
personnel told her they would have to put her on another
flight. Oh, the drama! She replied, "I understand. I drive
a Greyhound bus. Do what you have to do." Then a hippie
traveling to a concert with his dog of 9 years, Snausages,
was too drunk to fly. He admitted to having 6 drinks. He
said he planned to sleep on the plane. He was very cordial.
They told him he couldn't fly until the first plane out the next
morning. He was agreeable. "What are you gonna do?
Sh*t happens." Yeah. That was exciting. Then there was
the couple having a fit because they saw a worker toss their
luggage too hard. It had their son's dialysis machine in it,
you see, and by golly if that thing was broken, it would ruin
their Disney World holiday. But they wouldn't know until that
night when they fired it up. The boarding lady called the loading
supervisor who talked to the tosser who denied seeing a 'fragile'
bag and said he treated all luggage the same. The supervisor
got into the cargo hold and found the bag. Duh. It was a
soft-sided duffel bag affair, with no 'fragile' tag that I could
see. People! Please pack your son's dialysis machine in a
trunk or some hardside luggage. Or wrap it with that yellow
police-tape stuff that screams 'FRAGILE' so that tossers will
notice. Common sense, people, common sense.

HH painted a living room wall today, a nice beige color to
replace the white with handprints all over it. THIS time he
got the washable kind like I requested 9 years ago. It looks
pretty good for an HH job. But he also rearranged the
furniture, which none of us are pleased with. Except HH.
Now we will need new furniture to complement the wall,
and that means we will need new carpet to go with the new
furniture...Hey! There's a book in there somewhere! I shall
call it:

If You Give HH Some Paint


Cazzie!!! said...

I got some high gloss white here if you want it love. You could tint it a pink color with the use of some cooking coloring LOL.

deadpanann said...

I agree on the Gottis and their asses being in desperate need of some whipping. They wouldn't need a good spanking if they had a good mother. I think I should reproduce so I can raise me up a good young'un.

That show AIRLINE makes me clench my jaws until I get a headache. I don't understand why Southwest lets that show go on-- I would never fly with them after watching the way they throw people off flights for next to nothing-- sometimes it IS nothing! They overbook flights intentionally with the hopes that someone won't show, then some random person gets stuck in the airport until another flight leaves.

What was the beige color called? I just put "Oregon Coast" on the walls of our extra bedroom, and it's kinda beigey. Sorta like your blog. I thought it was going to be too dark but it looks good.

I wonder if this comment will show.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I DO want some high gloss white. That is what I asked for when we first built the house, but HH was a cheapskate with the paint, choosing instead to spend more than necessary on an almond-colored ceramic kitchen sink when I wanted a stainless steel sink like I had in my old house.

I'm not a fan of the pink, not being much of a girly girl. The only pink I liked was a shirt I bought at Harvard when I went to a convention in Boston YEARS AGO. I was outside a lot at the time, and the pink made my tan look OH SO PRETTY.

Miss Ann,
I think those Gottis know that nobody would DARE punish them.

I knew the name of the paint when I picked it out, but it escapes me now. My translator just asked HH, who hollered "I don't know!" Let's hope we never need to touch up or paint another wall. It was like a chocolate shake without enough chocolate. My blog has more of a yellow tint to my eyes.