Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tired To The Bone

No, not tied to the bone! What kind of freaky post would that be?
I know it's getting close to Halloween and all, but let's focus here.
I am getting sleepy. Verrrrry sleepy. I know I am having the same
effect on you.

Today was parent conference day. I always think, "Hey, a half day!"
NO! What is wrong with me? The kids have a half day, but WE
have to stay until 7:00 p.m. I don't care much for that. We all have
to sit in a room with similar teachers, and the poor parent comes
in and everyone hears the child's grades. Actually, the counselor
passes out the grades, and the parent comes in to ask for some

I don't like this set-up. I would rather talk privately with a teacher
about any problems my child might be having. And wouldn't the
parent feel more comfortable one-on-one? Instead of one-on-seven?
Just my opinion, which doesn't count for much around here.

In other news, my #2 son informed me yesterday morning that he
thought he heard a tuba, but it was only a girl in his class burping.
"A tuba?" I asked. "Yes," he replied. "Either that or a didgeridoo.
Something that sounded really low." Okaaayyyy...that is really some
multicultural learnin' goin' on at the elementary school, by cracky!
Then he explained to me that it is mentioned in his Christmas play,
'Kookaburra's Christmas Down Under'. WooHoo! That reminds
me...we're down to only ONE Christmas Program to attend this
year. I can live with that.

Tomorrow really IS a half-day. Mabel and some other teachers
and I are meeting a former crony for lunch. Except that the former
crony can't go. Oh, well. We can talk about her. What did you
expect, that we'd cancel lunch? Surely you know us better than
that! And don't go thinkin' that it will be me by myself eating lunch
with some imaginary friends. Mabel is real, I tell you!

And I am real tired. The end.


LanternLight said...

Half day?

But you already get all those school holidays.

Sure, you'll SAY that your writing up your lesson plans for next semester, but WE KNOW you're lazing in the hair-wad spa playing with your g-string :-)

Mabel doesn't like lamb does she?

Hillbilly Mom said...

Hehe! I DID have lunch with Mabel today. She preferred the fish. I did not.

Funny that the clip should be about "Stuart". We talked about "Stuart" at lunch. That's not his real name...he just looks like that character Stuart on MadTV, the little boy played by an adult actor.

I would say that Mabel probably does like lamb. She is a big Emeril fan, and cooks some fancy vittles.

Redneck Diva said...

I think I'd prefer a one-on-seven conference after Mr. Dude gave me a stern talkin-to at the last one-on-one conference.

Hillbilly Mom said...

The thing is, we all know what the other teacher REALLY means when they try to put their complaints in parent-friendly language. I just don't like that set-up. I would rather get my talkin-to in private.