Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More Trivial Pursuits

I'm feeling Trivial again. Have I told you how much I'm looking
forward to this event? My #1 son has gathered a team of 6th graders.
He has been waiting for this moment for the last two years. Yep. The
nerd doesn't fall far from the tree. He rounded up six little cronies,
but the last spot was hard to fill. He asked my aunt, who also works
at the school. She is excited. She played once on our team a while
back. We forgot all about her. She's been out on medical leave, and
we totally overlooked her. Now she is aligned with the opposition.
She will have a blast. She loves interacting with the kids. A couple
days ago, she asked me, "Am I the only adult on that team?" I can't
believe she hadn't figured that out. I'd told her all the players.

Yesterday, I saw one of #1's little cronies in the hall. "You're goin'
DOWN on Saturday night!" He replied, "Uh uh. YOU are!" What
a great comeback. Then I said, "Well, at least you'll get that Last
Place sign to keep on your table after each round." And he replied,
"Uh uh. YOU will!" I think we can take them.

This morning I saw that kid's mom in the hall. She teaches in my
first building. "Hey, I told your kid we're beating them Saturday
night." She said, "Are they REALLY having a team?" Then she
asked me if I was on the 'teachers' team'. No, I'm on the 'We Do
The Same Job As You But Don't Get No Respect' team. Because
she is on the 'teachers' team.' Oh, we have some teachers on ours,
but it is not exclusively teachers. Anyhoo, I have been telling her
teammates in the other building that we are in training to beat them.
One told me that perhaps it's not wise to put so much effort into
something that doesn't pay very well. Another told me, "You're
going to murder us--we just do it to have fun." Yeah. We won't
be having any fun, because we're boring friendless non-teachers.

But seriously...I'm just rattling their cage. I've played on that team
before. It depends on the categories. If it's Sports and History, we're
in trouble. I need me some 70s Album Covers, Fleetwood Mac
Songs, Films of Sigourney Weaver, or some such trivia. Please, please,
don't let it be The Bible. They will wipe the floor with us. We're
not real good with geography, either. Though we did get one right once
upon a time when we spelled 'Albuquerque' correctly. I don't really
think we will beat them. I think they may finish 5-10 points ahead of us.

Shh...don't tell them that. I'm trying to psych them out.


Stewed Hamm said...

I reccomend you bombard them all with cat pictures. It's a time-tested strategy proven to be effective.

Of course, if you did that, you just KNOW one of the categories would be about cats.

By the way, the only decent Sigourney Weaver films are Ghostbusters, Aliens, Working Girl, & Holes. The rest is treacly crap like "Gorillas in the Mist."

Hillbilly Mom said...

Now I miss my old lunch buddy, Mr K. I haven't browsed the cats in a while. It hurts too much. How could he leave us to go back to his old school?

In another Trivia, they did ask what a female cat is called. We said 'cat'. Nope. It's a queen. Who knew? My aunt, who's going to be playing on my son's team this time. I hope there isn't a cat category.

I, too, am partial to Aliens and Working Girl. May I recommend Heartbreakers? I laughed out loud, especially at the SW and Gene Hackman scenes.

Kathleen Marie said...

Dave is my favorite Weaver movie...a little fairy politics mixed with a little romance, To me this would be a blast! Enjoy!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yes, I enjoyed Dave. And I also forgot about A Map of the World (because it was one of my favorite books) and Copycat (because it had a creepy Harry Connick Jr. and that creepier main psycho).

I do tend to like the comedies better, though, because I don't think SW is a very good actress. It always SEEMS like she's acting in the dramas. She doesn't really become the character, like her arch-rival, Meryl Streep.

And that will conclude today's Movie Critic Corner with Hillbilly Mom.

Mish said...

Good luck on Saturday! I hope you take #1's cronies DOWN.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Thanks for the luck-wishes. I have no doubt we can take those kids. It will be as much fun as when I used to beat 7th graders at Scrabble.