Saturday, October 21, 2006

Blogger Bites The...hand that tries to feed it.

Today is the big day. Trivia starts in 3 hours. Stupid dumb
Blogger is not cooperating with me. I tried to log on for 30
minutes. Duh. I'm really that stupid. I'll just whip out this little
post in Wordpad, and see what I can to with it. Stupid dumb
Blogger! It's not worth the money I pay for it.

I didn't find out any more on the traveling meth lab, because the
lady who parked her car across the road to impede my home-
coming last night was not at bowling. She must have been
watching her other son play soccer.

So on to the Trivia. Yesterday, I told a couple members of the
"teacher team" that my team had divided up the categories, and
each of us had been studying every night. Heh heh. When one of
them carried a chair across the gym for me the other day, I said,
"Gosh. Now I'm going to feel really bad when we beat you at
Trivia." She said, "No you're not." Only yesterday, the math
teacher told me my team had better finish behind her team. "Or
don't expect to ever use another test out of my test masters
book." Wow. She's playing hardball!

I sent my team leader a copy of the official entry form that I
had filled out. He said, "Our team is going to KICK BUTT!"
Yeah. We're wild and crazy with that profanity, by cracky!. #1
son picked up my entry form off the dashboard of the Large
SUV. "Yours looks so CLEAN!" His poor little form was
wrinkled and smudged and erased and crossed out. They'd
better not beat us.

HH and #2 son are going to a mineral museum for Halloween
festivities tonight. They will have a tour of parts of the mine where
nobody is allowed, and a mining ghost story, and roasted hot
dogs, marshmallows, make-your-own caramel apples, hot
chocolate, cider, veggies-and-dip, crafts, how-to-grow-crystals,
how-to-make-a-volcano, and other stuff. #2 is quite excited.
HH, not so much. He wants to tour those forbidden places.
It's a flashlight tour, right after the ghost story. The paper made
it sound so good that #1 son and I wanted to go. But alas, we
have Trivia.

Tune in tomorrow for Trivia tales of terror.


Cazzie!!! said...

That HAlloween celebration sounds gr8..a flashlight tour at that!!! When I was in 5th grade we went on camp to a place called Swan Hill..we went on a ghost tour of a pioneer settlement, that surely was the highlight of the tour for me :)

Babs said...

Just so you know, I was pulling for you last night for your wicked game of Trivia.

LanternLight said...

Blogger was being a b*tch to me as well.

I've done the same 5th grade tour as Cazzie, and my lowlight was putting someone's head though a window...

Fun tour apart from that.

Hillbilly Mom said...

#2 son wore out his flashlight. He had a great time, and brought home some rocks in a baggie. Or else he and HH stopped down at the corner traveling meth lab. HH said the Mine Tour was overly crowded, like they expected 100 people and 300 showed up. But the boy didn't care.

Thanks OH SO MUCH. Perhaps a bout of weight-training is in order before you pull for me again. I seem to need a lot of pulling, what with singlehandedly costing my team 3 points in the last round.

What a harsh mistress she is, our Blogger!

You seem to have been quite the thug, back in the day. Who knew? I have pounded a hole into someone's skull with track shoe spikes, but never put an entire head through a window. You win this contest.

LanternLight said...

As someone recently said "Karma sure is a b***h!"

Yep, and I've got the scar on my wrist to prove it. The kid who's head went though the window was unharmed.

Hillbilly Mom said...

See. That's just more evidence for my Karma theory. If you treat people right, some day a woman might come up to you in the Save-A-Lot and tell you that you are SO PRETTY!