Thursday, October 12, 2006

HM Shoots Off Her Mouth

Alrighty then...63 visitors, 1 opinion. Since nobody cares what the
subject is today except my buddy Lantern, he wins. Today we will
talk about arming teachers with guns.

Yep. Who would have thought that ol' backwards Missouri would
come up with such a plan. Our esteemed governor, Matt Blunt,
mentioned this proposal after a school shooting in Joplin. Governor
Blunt just happened to be in Joplin at the time. Of course, the next
day, the governor's spokesman said he didn't really mean that all
teachers would be armed. Only ex-military, or ex-police, perhaps.
Oh, sweet Gummi Mary! I worked with many ex-military in the
state unemployment office. I certainly would not want them armed.
The ones I worked with had a kind of vigilante attitude.

I certainly don't want to carry a gun at work. It's bad enough for
those teachers who have to worry about kids hiding their keys.
Yeah, let's tempt those kids with a shiny killing implement, why
don't we? Maybe we can stuff a few grenades in our pockets
while we're at it.

And another thing...I am afraid I would be a big chicken if something
happened. Oh, I like to think I'd do the right thing...but if it came to
me being a hero, or slipping out the back door so my kids wouldn't
grow up Hillbilly Mom-less, I can't be sure of what I'd do. Of course
I would take my students with me if I ran for the hills. I wouldn't leave
them to fend for themselves. But I can't save a whole school building.
If it was one of my students causing the ruckus, I would try to stop
them. I know what makes them tick.

We have many teachers in our building who WOULD step up. They
are all about the POWER. Maintaining order...making the perpetrator
pay...taking charge of a situation. I used to teach across the hall from
one. I wish I still did. Yes. Arm her. I pity the fool who tries to invade
her school. He will pay dearly. There was another one down the hall.
Let those two team up, and we would be out of Iraq in no time. I DO
feel safe in that building. Another teacher has asked how far to go when
subduing a student with a gun. He was told, "Do what you have to
do. Take him out, if necessary. We'll worry about that after we get
the gun." I can envision the hapless perpetrator, being crushed beneath
a wall of flying bodies, like a fumbled football at the goal line.

Our staff rocks. But that doesn't mean I want them all armed. Especially
in February, when we are all sick of each other. Let the sniping begin.


LanternLight said...

The difference between a law officer and a member of the public, is that the law officer has a duty to serve and protect. It’s really a higher level of duty of care.

Many years ago, we used to arm our bank managers with pistols.
Why? To protect the money.
Why did we stop? Training people to shoot accurately in the first place is difficult enough, expecting them to keep that skill up with a once-a-year refresher is impossible.

And finding time in a busy teacher’s schedule?... doubly impossible.

My viewpoint?
If you are issued with a firearm to protect me, I expect that you’ll be able to safely use it and hit what, and only what, you’re aiming for.

And the truly most important thing is that you’re able to go home to your family at the end of the day.

Cazzie!!! said...

Mmmm, teachers and guns eh...I agree with you, some people, not only teachers, would be wrapt to be given a gun and therefore be control freaks..or more controlling.
The risk of the kids getting hold of the gun is way too high. At high school, we had a pissed off kid come back and threaten the Principle with a .22 rifle...once and only time ever, but it shows, kids know how to operate these suckers..even if they have a safety on them I am sure they would know it. The arcade games teach them so.

MrsCoach2U said...

I tried to comment yesterday but the stupid thing wouldn't work. I don't want MrCoach armed at school, he can't ever find his keys, briefcase or cell phone, I can only imagine the places he'd leave his gun! We talked the other day about school shootings and I said I hoped he would never leave kids alone with a shooter but would stay with them. He just looked at me funny and said his plan was to jump in a desk and look around and say "where the hell is the teacher" and pretend he was a kid and hope for the best. Is it not sad when the teachers have a "plan" for when they are attacked? His plan has many holes in it, I'm sure he'll figure out the first one is that nobody would believe he is 16.

Hillbilly Mom said...

A prison guard can't even carry a gun. Why should teachers? It makes no sense to me.

I don't feel like having a shootout with the students. I'll take my gun and go home.

I don't think his plan would work for me. It's sad that we have to have a plan at all. They need to start a new class in marksmanship and special weapons and tactics for the education majors these days. Remember when it was only the post office workers who had to worry? Ahh...good times.