Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Let's Get This Party Over With

I am driving back to school tonight to fulfill my annual requirement
of chaperoning one dance. There is always a debate: better to take
the first one and get it over with? Or wait until the last one, and say
you worked at an earlier one? Don't ever, ever sign up for the middle
one. It is the sweetheart coronation thingy, and lasts twice as long.
But it might get snowed out! If you take the first one, what if the
principal forgets, and makes you do another one anyway? Oh, it's
SO NOT EASY being a teacher! All those duties to try and shirk.
Separating inappropriate dancers. Enforcing the NO RUNNING rule.

Riding back to school will be a little slice of pizza. Literally. My
#1 son is dressing as a slice of pizza. Pepperoni. He found it a
couple years ago at Wal*Mart. The Devil's Playground. It sure
beats making him up as Dracula. We did that one year, and he
looked fabulous! He even won 7 free games at the bowling alley
during their Halloween party. But it was a chore getting his face
just the right shade of white, blending in the gray to hollow his
cheeks and eye sockets a bit, getting the widow's peak just so,
and making the blood drip convincingly from the corners of his
mouth. A slice of pizza he shall be, by cracky!

My boy has some neon glowing plastic sunglasses that he got at
the Save-A-Lot several months ago, 3 for a $1. He is going to
give them out to his friends at the dance. I think he has 9 pairs of
them. Perhaps the glowing glasses should have been one of his
campaign promises in the student council election.

If anything of note happens at the festivities, I'll fill you in tomorrow.


Cazzie!!! said...

He he, glow in the dark sunnies hey..my kids would so-love-them!!! Especialy to wear to out Christmas Carols at the Mansion.

LanternLight said...

If anything of note happens at the festivities

I want to know if you have to stop the kids pashing on...

Hillbilly Mom said...

Those glowy things helped me keep track of my young 'un in that mob of kids.

There was not much to do this year. The kids were pretty immature. By the spring dance, all that will have changed.

Redneck Diva said...

Sam was a vampire in, I think, Kindergarten. I had to get to the school an hour before the parade just to make him up. Fortunately that year Abby was Kim Possible, so she just wore a black turtleneck, I teased her hair up into a cartoon-ish 'do and spent all of my energy on Li'l Drac. He did look awesome, though.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Two words: Pizza Slice. It is the best costume ever! Just put it over the kid's head, tie the strings on the side, and you're the proud mama of a bouncing baby pepperoni. I am never throwing that thing away. HH wore it at the bowling league party, after he forgot his straw hat and perv mask. It was just as well. He coaches the small fry.