Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Tale of Terror

Yesterday, my 9th graders were all a-buzz about Halloween. Oh,
most of them did not plan to go out begging for candy. They had
more mischief on their minds. Then, talk turned to a certain haunted
house that a certain teacher hosts every year. It's a big deal. People
line up down the street waiting to get in. It is free.

I asked my class if it was scary, because last year, my little #2 son
was only 7, and he closed his eyes and refused to open them until
he got to the car.

One of the boys said, "Mr. Halloweenmaster hides up in a tree, and
when you walk by, he throws babydoll arms and legs on you." OK.
That made another ask, "Where did Mr. Halloweenmaster get a
bunch of babydoll arms and legs?" I couldn't resist. "Duh! From
his childhood!" They kind of liked that. He has two sisters, but I
doubt they gave up their doll limbs for him. Then the first kid said,
"There's a store in Nearbytown where you can buy babydoll parts."
I was dying to ask, "And you know this because...?" But I didn't.

HH took the boys to town. #1 would not dress up to trick or treat,
but he wore his pizza slice costume in the haunted house. The minute
he got home, he reported that little #2 was so scared that he wouldn't
talk all the way home. "Leatherface scared him when he started up
the chainsaw, Mom! It was great! Mr. Lastyearsteacher was out
front on his hands and knees, dressed as a clown, but acting like a
dog, chewing on bones over a dead body. He had a collar, and was
tied up with a leash. When I came out, he tried to chase me, yelling
'Eat him, eat him!' "

I asked HH how it went. "I thought I was going to have to carry #2
out of there. When we went in, Old Man Halloweenmaster hollered,
'We have a little one.' They didn't even bother him. He tried to pull
his hand out of mine and run off. I held on, but he was shaking all
over. He was still shaking when we got in the car."

Poor baby. Maybe he shouldn't go next year.


Carrie said...

That is too funny! Next year, #2 should stick to overdosing on sugar at home. I should just send all of my totally un-tricked and un-treated goodies to him! I was counting on at least a few dozen little goblins, but got ZERO! Not even one!

Redneck Diva said...

When I was a Junior in high school, a group of us went to a spook house at the college, set up in the baseball dorm. In that group was the captain of the football team - a senior, very studly and very, very cool. Well, cool until the first ghoul came out of a dorm room and he screamed like a girl. The rest of the group totally ignored the chainsaw creep coming at us and the vampire behind us because we were all staring at Mr. Cool who was cowering behind his girlfriend.

Poor #2, though...

Last year we held a haunted hay ride for a friends' Girl Scout troop. We ended up traumatizing about 8 little girls and decided that we shouldn't probably do that again.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I got zero T or T also. But we never get any, except the year I didn't buy any candy, and I had to give the neighbor girl a fruit roll-up and a chocolate chip granola bar.

They said one kid (in 7th grade now) peed his pants last year because he was so scared. Hope you didn't have that effect on the dainty Girl Scouts.