Sunday, November 26, 2006

I'm Too Busy For My Life

I am too busy today to write a proper post. Here now! Stop saying
that is everyday!

I've already been to the Devil's Playground for the weekly shopping
spree. Not much was bought, but the kids saw things they want for
Christmas. Too bad, the shopping is done! Not really. I just thought
how nice it would be to tell them something like that. Just as I had
finished putting away all the stuff I didn't buy, all three male residents
of the Mansion showed up for lunch. They all wanted something
different. I managed to toss some vittles into their troughs, and put
in a load of laundry. Now my own lunch break is over. I must get
cracking, by cracking.

This week will be busy. Monday, we stay after school so #1 son
can attend Lower Basementia's math club practice for the spring
Math Contest. He will be practicing with the 7th and 8th graders,
because the 6th grade doesn't have a math club. I asked the
sponsor if the other kids would resent him for crashing the practice.
"Well it's just too bad if they do. They should be embarrassed that
a 6th grader can do problems they can't!"

Tuesday looks like our only free day after school this week. That
means we will have to go to the Post Office to pick up some
packages that I am expecting after all that online shopping.

Wednesday, I will have to go give some blood to the bloodsuckers
at the lab, in preparation for my doctor's appointment on Friday.

Thursday, I have duty at the basketball game. It's a good thing it's
right after school, because #2 son has his Christmas Program at
7:00 that night. I think I should be done in time to get across town
and find a parking spot.

Friday, I have a doctor's appointment. I already told you that. I hope
you were listening the first time. I also plan to make the Mansion
payment while I am in that town.

Saturday, I have to take the boys bowling, because HH has a previous

Sunday, the Veteran is taking me to the casino.

There. Now I've turned my blog into a planner. On the agenda for
the rest of today is cleaning up the laundry room, sorting through some
papers to file that are piled on the kitchen counter, cleaning the upstairs
bathrooms, cooking some type of supper for my hillbillies, checking
over #1 son's math club problems, planning my lessons until Christmas
break, making up three finals that must be turned in to the Basementia
office by Dec. 11, seeing that #2 son labels his diorama pueblo thingy
correctly so he can turn it in tomorrow, sorting through a stack of coats
and jackets so HH can take a big bag of them to work in case people
want some for their kids before we take them to Goodwill, and kicking
back to watch some bad Sunday night TV.

I would love to fit a 20-minute nap in there somewhere, but I don't think
that's happenin' today.


MrsCoach2U said...

Ahhh a Pueblo. I've actually been to one. Interesting fact about Mrs.Coach you really needed to know!

Hillbilly Mom said...