Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Little of This

I am a bit perturbed with my free Blogger and my free Gmail. They
are not working nearly as hard as I am. Slackers! Last night, Blogger
comments went haywire, and tonight, Gmail shut me down once, and
then wigged out on me the next time.

Sandwiched between these little slices of Hillbilly Mom's Law is the
big bad dial-up connection showing me who's boss. I had to keep
switching dial-up numbers last night to get on. Tonight, I have hit the
trifecta, as all three services are pissing me off! And it's my only TV
night...Survivor, something, and ER. I never know what the something
will be. I'm leaning toward the Travel Channel or Food Network or
MTV or DiscoveryHealth Channel. I never know what's on, but I
can find something. I sometimes watch half of CSI, but that kind of
defeats the purpose, as I either solve the crime, or find out what we're
investigating, but not both.

OK, I take that back. I enjoy some Sunday night TV, too. I'm entitled.
I lived in poverty for two hours yesterday! I found out that Mabel took
over the single mom head of household duty when I was abducted to
play Mr. S's 19-year-old live-in girlfriend. I told Mabel she must not
have been a good parent, because it looked like somebody called
1-800-BAD-MOM on her. I saw her 'teenage kids' locked up.
Mabel swore that she was framed. She was homeschooling her kids,
and even had a note from the DFS, but that snoopy Chief of Police
(the principal) came and took them away. After that, Mabel didn't
bother to go get them, because she figured that they had 3 meals a
day and a place to sleep. Mabel then proceeded to sell the candy
in her pocket as drugs for $10 a piece. Three of the coaches bought.

In other news, my stepson home from two years in Iraq has a job at
Fort Leonard Wood training recruits in explosives. He says he was
promoted to E6, and has signed a two-year contract, with a house
provided for him. He is excited that he can't be sent anywhere for
two years. He says he thinks he used up most of his 9 lives. He will
be home from Ft LW tomorrow, and has until Dec. 7 to report back.
His plans include hunting, fishing, and doing not much of nothin'.

I don't have much else to report, as HH hasn't done anything
newsworthy except break his cell phone again. This is the second
one in two years. Mine is still plugging away. The #1 son has a new
laptop which keeps him occupied. The #2 son spent heavily at
the Book Fair, and has been reading a giant book about 4 inches
thick since yesterday. He is half-way through it, so I suppose that
report saying he reads on 9th grade, 5th month level was accurate.
Not too shabby for an 8-year-old. My lively DoNots have been
out of commission, either absent, in ISS, or OSS.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.


Cazzie!!! said...

Does your HH use his cell phone like you would use a shot put in the Olympics? How does he break his phone?
I am the same as you, my phone is still plugging away after years!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Actually, he's broken it 3 times. The first was dropped at an airport going through the 'check your things to see if you're a terrorist' line. The second was left in its little belt hammock thingy while HH strolled through a rainstorm in California. And they say it never rains in California! I suppose HH carries a black cloud over his head. The last was when he somehow destroyed the SIM card. I don't know what that is. Perhaps Lantern does. Maybe HH was playing the SIMS game on his phone and did something inappropriate.

I, on the other hand, have dropped mine several times, and the boy has dropped it even more. The battery thingy shoots out of it. It has gouges in the cover from all the rough treatment, but it keeps on working. I think it's because I never have liked that phone. It refuses to die, out of spite.