Thursday, April 26, 2007

Time Is Of The Essence

Nothing ever goes as Mrs. Hillbilly Mom plans. Today, for instance, we had an assembly 3rd hour. Well, we were scheduled to have an assembly 3rd hour. So I planned on not having a lesson 3rd hour, and getting to Basementia before my students got to the classroom. But no. The assembly-presenter guy was running late. So instead of having the assembly at 10:00, it was changed to 12:15.

"What's the problem, Mrs. Hillbilly Mom?" you ask. I heard you. Don't pretend it wasn't you. No real problem, except that kids who sit down thinking they are having an assembly in 3 minutes don't take kindly to being told it will be later. Lucky for them, I always have extra worksheets on hand.

Guess what? The same assembly-presenter guy was scheduled for Basementia at 1:00. The presentation was rumored to be 90 minutes long. So when the dust settled after my arrival at Basementia, I asked around about the time. No. Nobody knew about any changes. No announcements. But I figured it would be later. By accident, I discovered that the kids were told at lunch that it would now be a 1:30 assembly. Mrs. Hillbilly Mom knows Math. She can add and subtract time. So I didn't really think it would be at 1:30, either. I tried to prepare the kids, but they were having none of it. "Uh uh. They're going to call us out any minute." Yeah. Keep on believin', children. At 2:00, we were called to the assembly. Guess who didn't get the 90 minute presentation.

Tonight was the fun night at #1 son's school. On the calendar, it said '6:00 to 7:30'. The smaller fry were not welcome, as in 'we will provide a babysitter for younger siblings' not welcome. I left #2 son with his grandma. HH met us. Once in the building, we were given a schedule to follow. Seems we had a general assembly with the same assembly-presenter guy. For an hour. Then, we had six stations to rotate through, with 15 minutes at each one. Umm...NO! That would put me home after 9:00 p.m. We left. I can only tolerate so much in one day.

Karma should not spring surprises on Hillbilly Mom. She is a creature of habit. Slow, methodical...the turtle winning the race. Except that HM is not a turtle--that was yesterday's sub.

Last cat out of the bag, #2 son brought home his book order. He had a Nintendo DS game that did not work. We tried it in three different DSes. I am sending it back to his teacher with a note. The boy wants his $19.95 back. He will shop at The Devil's Playground from now on. Darn those Scholastic people! They don't have to listen to a little boy sob broken-heartedly until he falls asleep.

I don't know how much longer I can protect him from the cold, cruel world. My Mommy Magic is on the fritz.


MrsCoach2U said...

I think someone took the "fun" out of fun night when they SCHEDULED your rotations at stations (hey that rhymes) and made you listen to a speaker. Just sayin'....

DeadpanAnn said...

I'm surprised someone from the central office didn't show up during 3rd period with a clipboard to evaluate you or examine your lesson plans.

Cazzie!!! said...

I have brought many a book from Scholastic, and even the occasional Magic School Bus with DVD, but never a game from them. Now, Thanks to your safety shopping tip here, I will not buy one.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I agree. Fun can not be scheduled. It has to bite you in the butt. In a fun kind of butt-biting way.

Miss Ann,
No, that would be you. I am Even Steven. After all, I did have a bit of free time during MAP testing. This is balancing it out.

We have bought computer games that worked, but this is the first DS game. His teacher called Scholastic, and they are sending another one. If it doesn't work, they will refund the money. He really wanted that game, so he's happy about it now. I don't know what I'll do if the second one won't work. We don't even know if The Devil's Playground carries this particular game.

Mean Teacher said...

We don't even know if The Devil's Playground carries this particular game.


Hillbilly Mom said...

I really should get my own eBay accout and get rid of some of this treasures that are cluttering up the Mansion. I should have time this summer. I haven't even BOUGHT anything off eBay this year.