Sunday, May 06, 2007


I am suffering from Summeritis. The symptoms include excessive sleepiness, malaise, chore-avoidance, and general slackishness. It doesn't help that HH goes to bed at 8:30, and after a full 10 hours of sleep, expects us to hop up and serve him in preparing his kingdom for the next foreigner's visit. Hillbilly Mom is a night-owl. She has been since her formative years, and isn't about to learn new tricks at this late date.

Speaking of fowl...after my rude awakening at 6:15, I went out to sit on the porch of the Mansion to survey HH's kingdom. The cats mistakenly thought I was there to feed them. Think again, pussies. That is not one of my myriad of chores. They followed me, perched atop the porch rail and watched me, jumped up and down several times to wind around my legs, and even tolerated the dogs chewing on them. The dogs viewed me as a long-lost litter-mate, as if I'd fallen down a well, and had been rubbing lotion on my skin to avoid the hose again for about 10 years. Amidst this commotion, the birds started mouthing off. I didn't recognize any of their calls, but I'm sure my blog buddy, 'Chickadee', would. I did see a redheaded woodpecker fly toward the back porch, squawking about the absence of the dogfood he steals from the pan. He made a brief foray into the woods, then came back to sit on the side of the electric pole that holds the dusk-to-dawn light. When I looked that direction, I saw the tiny hummingbird in some type of weedish growth next to my dead rose bush. He was no bigger than a medium-sized moth, with a red throat, and a white necklace below his throat. Or maybe he was a she, what with the accessories, but in the fowl family, it seems that the males are more flamboyant.

After lazing around the porch a while with the wildlife, I was tired, so I went to lie in the recliner for a while. The boys foraged for their own breakfast. I made a trip to Save-A-Lot, where nothing interesting happened. I sometimes long for the days when that lady followed me around declaring that I was SO PRETTY. Upon my return from town, the boys were in deep hiding. But sure enough, five minutes after I'd carried everything in, they drove up on their off-roadsy wheels. It's like an internal clock HH has...showing up after everything is done.

Then I got caught up in a show on the DOC channel about Aardvark and 12 Weeks With Geeks. They were writing computer code for a remote-access computer help program called 'Co-Pilot'. It would not have interested me, except that I am growing a little geek, and he has been writing computer code since last year. I guess it keeps him off the street.

Before I knew it, my hard day of doing nothing was coming to an end. I tossed only the third load of laundry in to wash, and started some spaghetti for supper. I used my new non-stick pan and spatula that I got for Christmas. OK, so we're slow in progressing from one holiday to the next here at the Mansion. That spatula took some getting used to. It was kind of long, and awkward. I felt like Ripley in Aliens, moving stuff around with that loader thingy. Except she was good at it.

And now, I have to get busy not doing stuff for school tomorrow. Hey! The school year is almost over, you know. The world is not going to end if I don't lecture on the space-time continuum tomorrow.


The Unrepentant Gallivanter said...

The lady in the Sav-A-Lot - reminds me of my babysitter here. She is always saying, "Oh, you are soooo beautiful. Bella bella bella." "I tell my daughter, I tell my son, my husband - you have the hair, the eyes - beeeeelllllllllaaaaaaaaaaa."
Then, one day I go pick up lil' G from her house and her husband was there. He was probably thinking, "you call this bella?" It kind of gets weird after awhile, though.

Cazzie!!! said...

Wishing it was Summer here again, guess we all want what we don;t have at the time :)

Hillbilly Mom said...

Beeellllaaaaaaa! Reminds of Bellissima! The Saturday Night Live show with Kirstie Alley in a restaurant and the waiters practically molesting her right in front of her 'husband' Kevin Nealon.

We'll be floating in our pool, and you'll have beautiful snow, and make me jealous. You do get snow, don't you? I'm not that great with geography, you know.

Stewed Hamm said...

Wow... Hillbilly Mom is OH SO OLD, she remembers when SNL was funny! (The waiters were played by Rob Schneider and Adam Sandler, btw. By the end of the sketch, they were doubleteaming Kirstie on top of the table.)

Hillbilly Mom said...

It is not considered polite to point out a lady's advanced age. Just sayin'...

I also recall Rob Schneider or Adam Sandler with a pork chop tied around his waist at a hotel or some such thingy.