Wednesday, May 02, 2007

If you can read this post, hug a teacher. Then check your pockets. seems that some of us are giving teachers a bad name. Oh, not ME. I am a poster child for what a teacher should be. If, by 'poster child', you mean someone who's Social Security Number is '1'. I found out totally by accident that some of us are using our power for evil instead of good.

There I was, conscientiously looking up internet info the the great Moon Landing Hoax when a got an urge to Google. Hey! It was not during class time. It was my plan time. And after I finished planning my writing/propaganda lesson, I Googled. I will link the articles, lest you accuse Mrs. Hillbilly Mom of embellishing a story. Like that could ever happen! The headlines are mine. Here is what I found...

Where in the H*LL is our President?
During a lesson on collages for a class of 5th graders, an art teacher used the President's head as an example. Seems he had cut out George Bush's head, and slapped it up on his board. He then proceeded to draw horns on the Commander-in-Chief, and gave him a flaming background. Above his shoulder was a demonic figure, saying, "Well done, my son." The teacher told the students, "Don't go home and tell your parents about this." Which, of course, some little tattletale DID, and brought the mamawrath upon the common-sensically-challenged art teacher.

The Tattler whipped up an artist's rendering of the offending visual aid. It looks pretty good to me. Guess she should thank an art teacher. Whoops! She's trying to get him fired. Isn't THAT ironic! Anyhoo, Mama marched right up to that school building and gave the principal what for. She told the reporter, "I think he should be fired. I would feel sorry for him if he lost his job, but it's his own fault. I don't think that will happen, though. The principal seems to think that being yelled at by an angry parent is punishment enough. I think she is upset that I contacted the media."

OK, so maybe that's not it word-for-word. It's been about 8 hours since I read it. But that's the gist of it. You can check it out here.

And now, on to our next Bad Teacher.

Crime Doesn't Pay As Well As You Anticipate
A little girl lost her coat at school. Her mother turned to eBay in search of another one. And she found one! Exactly like her daughter's coat. Wait a minute! It WAS her daughter's coat. Mother saw that the seller was from the same town where she and her daughter lived. A Good Samaritan type, Mother notified the other bidder that she might be attempting to buy stolen property. Whoop-ti-doo! Did THAT ever open up a can of buying-back-my-own-coat-on-eBay worms! Other Bidder notified Seller. Seems that Seller had rigged the auction so that Other Bidder would drive up the price of the coat. That is a no-no on eBay. Seller had to remove the item. Then the coat mysteriously turned up on the school playground, with dog bites on it. And eBay coughed up the personal information on the Seller. Guess what? Seller was the daughter's teacher! Go figure! That's why teachers put up with so much...the fringe benefits are terrific.

I might have been confused on some of the pertinent facts. I would not make a good reporter. So don't offer me any reporting jobs. Hear that, school newspaper sponsor? The 6th grade kids can do better than I can. But I digress with my modesty. You can read the story for yourself here.

And that is all I have to say for tonight. Shame, shame. Everybody is quick to point the finger of blame. But sometimes it is justified. They are guilty, I proclaim. No need for alleging.


Cazzie!!! said...

LOL, good finds there HBM, I guess teachers and nurses have some things in common, I mean, I walk around with someone else's false teeth insitu and I wear someone else's nightie to bed..LOL, what , what was that..blahahaha, just kidding.

Mean Teacher said...

He then proceeded to draw horns on the Commander-in-Chief, and gave him a flaming background. Above his shoulder was a demonic figure, saying, "Well done, my son."

Talk about propaganda! Good grief!

That story about the teacher trying to sell the coat on Ebay is hilarious! I would never do that, of course.

When I was taking my teacher training course (one of the TWO they required me to take before giving me my license and throwing me in) there was a running joke with the instructor about how teachers steal, but I don't think he had THAT kind of stealing in mind. He advised us that as soon as we got into our classrooms we'd better carve our names into whatever wasn't bolted down, or else some teacher would be along to borrrroooww it. Also, when someone leaves or retires, you're allowed to gank his/her stuff. It's tradition.

Just another reason I love this profession. Of course, it's easier to love on weekends, holidays, summers, and long periods of not actually DOING it.

If this comment appears twice, just deny one or something. Dang new blogger is giving me fits.

Peg (wishes Paradise had a "spring" season) said...

Goodness....I read the coat teacher article on TSG, did you look at her previous ebay feedback items? They are all clothing. I wonder where else she steals her wares from?

Hillbilly Mom said...

I haven't stolen anything yet, and it certainly won't be teeth.

That teacher was OH SO CORRECT about the stealing. I've lost perfectly good chairs, and a stapler, and a TV/VCR combo THAT I BOUGHT. Then there was the 3-hole punch that went missing for a fortnight.

I tracked down the chairs, because my buddy, Mabel, had tipped me off to paint my room number on them with Wite-Out. They had been replaced by lesser-quality chairs, much like Jerry and Elaine tried to take the lesser cinnamon babka to the party when that lady bought the last chocolate babka. Oh, and one teacher made the janitor trade a cheap plastic chair for my sturdy composite plastic chair. Like I wouldn't know the difference. And the janitor said, "Oh. He asked me if I could get him a better chair. I didn't think you'd mind." I don't get no respect, I tell you.

The stapler and TV/VCR were taken by two different coaches. The stapler I reclaimed, because I had taped my name OH SO SMALL up in the guts of it. The TV combo was wheeled back on Open House night. He didn't know I was in my room, and looked a bit sheepish. I said, "You know I bought those myself?" And he didn't speak to me again for a year.

The 3-hole punch was borrowed during school, and I had to send a student on a search-and-rescue. The teacher told the student, "Oh. I didn't know she wanted it back."

I mark EVERYTHING. In my books, I write PERSONAL PROPERTY. They shall rue the day they tangle with Mrs. Hillbilly Mom. I can imagine the feeding frenzy when they go to pry the stuff from my cold, dead hands.

I read that she went to the Goodwill Store, and picked up bargains to resell at a higher price.

Betty said...

We had a teacher who's weekend occupation was shoplifting. And, another one who fell for one of the boys in her Jr. High class. She diddled him all through high school, and even quit and went with him when he went off to college. Then, he dumped her. HAHAHAHAHAH! Ahem, excuse me for enjoying that too, too much.

Hillbilly Mom said...

It's good to have a hobby, I suppose. But EEEEWWWW! I will never understand the attraction to HS or MS boys. They are simply fart machines. I suppose it's an ego thingy.