Friday, July 28, 2006

In Explanation

OK, I know the only thing different is the color. I was tired of being
OH SO BLUE. And...I feel much lighter after having dumped 288
posts. I had 278 when I abandoned my Redneck Review blog. If
only I could do that with my real home. Whenever it gets dirty and
cluttered, I could move to a new house. That, or borrow a Carlos
or two from Redneck Diva to help me spruce things up.

It was taking too long to publish my posts, and it was hard to find
my previous wit to link when I wanted to show off how I used to
be funny. Now the Mansion is once again lean and mean. Emphasis
on the mean. Because people piss me off, remember?

I am not so fond of the color, but I do not like WHITE WHITE
because it is too glaring in my dark basement lair. I do understand
that the blue was hard to read in the light. The light which I avoid
like a vampire roach. But this is not for any of you and your now
damaged eyesight.

Since I am not smart enough to put my posts in some FittyMaid
container and drag them out every now and then, I had to find a
method of storage. I simply changed the name of my old Hillbilly
Mansion blog, and then started a brand new one with the old name
and a different Blogger template. Because I am too stupid and too
cheap to get a good template. You must admit I was very clever
in naming the old archives blog. It's listed here, somewhere.
Happy scavenger hunt. I am all about entertaining you.

And since people in general find joy in others' pain...yesterday
I received my letter to report back to school August 14. EEEEE!
EEEEEEEEEE! I didn't quite have enough room on that line to
convey my true feelings. Don't get me wrong. I like my work.
Once I get going. It's the transitions I don't like. I feel rushed.
Plus, I have to manage all the day-to-day activites of the children.
Like feeding and clothing and homeworking and lunch packing
and bathtiming and bedtiming and driving to school and whacking.
The children who hang around my neck like bloated mangey
possums. Stewed Hamm liked that reference, methinks. If I
remember correctly, he said he could feel the love radiating
from me. Stop yer feelin', Stewie!

Aside from the move and the back-to-work info, I have nothing
to tell you. Well, nothing that I can say politely, and nothing that
wouldn't get me into some hot water with someone or other.
And hot water reminds me of the free hairwad hot tub, which
still smells like old people, even though HH swears it is chlorine.

The #1 son is going to Six Flags with a girl tomorrow. Maybe
he will give me something to blog about. Heh heh. That made
me think: what if the world was one big childhood, and you
were told "Stop that blogging or I'll really give you something
to blog about!" ? I revealing too much about my


Rebecca said...

Hi Hillbilly Mom,
Sure, you just wanted to make sure the was no evidence of you having won Big Blogger. :-P

Redneck Diva said...

So if you, the teacher, report on August 14th that must mean that the DoNots don't show up until the 21st or so, right? Well....around these here parts the kids start AUGUST 10th!! Yeah. Which means teachers report like, this week.

If they bump up the first day of school any earlier, we'll end up starting around Spring Break time.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I am proud to win Big Blogger. I might re-title my blog: Winner of Big Blogger. I might not.

You've got it worse than me, by cracky! The kids start Thursday, Aug. 17. High School isn't bad, it's a new building. In the Middle School, it's so hot the kids are squirmy for the first few weeks. The teachers are sweaty and cranky.